The Bradford-born singer Natalia Kills fired from the judging panel of New Zealand’s X Factor, along with her husband Willy Moon, after bullying a hopeful contestant, Joe Irvine on stage. Hill accused the poor guy of copying her spouse on Sunday’s show. What’s so unique of her husbands look? Well, viewers have taken to social media to point out that Natalia Kills appears to have no value or respect for originality. They compare Kills looks to different artists including Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Jessie J, and even to Dora the Explorer.

Natalia Kills Fired

Natalia Kills humiliated aspiring singer Joe Irvine on stage following his rendition of Cry Me A River, accusing him of copying her husband’s look.

New Zealand X Factor Contestant Joe Irvine

The hopeful X Factor contestant Joe Irvine holding back his tears on stage while listening to Natalia Kills tirade.

After watching Natalia Kills tirade, I’m so glad they’ve been fired. I feel so terrible for that poor artist who was stuck on stage listening to her tirade. How could Natalia Kills thinks that wearing a suit is copying her husband? Actually, the look of her husband is not new, most singers in the 50’s had that look. And to Natalia, the all black bob hairstyle? Well, Cleopatra rocked the best black bob hairstyle of all time. Watch the video below.


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