The health principles of humans are getting much better and yet intriguing at the same time, because it involves a new way of keeping ourselves healthy and fit without spending much. This is what they call as the six second exercise. This particular health routine is best suited for elderly people, according to Scotland researchers. Based on the said experimental study, it had made use of 12 people who are already pensioners.

During the amazing course of the said study, it was found out that these individuals have positively responded to the so-called six-second exercise. Among its positive effects are: Lower blood pressure levels and the exceptional improvement of overall fitness in o time at all. Meanwhile, the best thing abut this type of exercise is it tends to benefit all people regardless of their varying age. This significant study was conducted by the Abertay University. Aside from the above mentioned health benefits, this easy to do exercise is said to be effective in preventing colds.

This is a part of the six- second exercise.

This is a part of the six- second exercise.

Similarly, the basic principle in this kind of exercise includes the principle of a High Intensity Training or pushing your-selves to the limit in the best way that you can. The results of this scientific study was immediately published in the American Journal of Geriatrics. Time and again, those brilliant doctors have said time and again that the long term effects of this very engaging health exercise are enormous in the real sense of the world. Thus, they have strongly established that a lot of diseases are associated with sedentary behaviour – like cardiovascular disease and diabetes – but if we can keep people active and functioning then we can reduce the risk.

Also on the social side, they are less likely to be socially active and will interact with people more.On the other hand, the six-second exercise can be tried at home provided that there are no other health issues which are extensively involved.


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