A sixth sense seems to have proven its extraordinary ability not only in humans but in animals, too. There are scientific studies which have shown that our beloved pets can accurately see or feel the presence of a spirit or an impending danger, by means their sense of smell and a wisdom that only these wonderful creations of God only know. Along this line, let me tell you about our pet at home named Sammy. Each moment of my life, I literally enjoyed her company while I am writing my online articles. She used to be well-taken care of by my doting uncle, when I was not still at the house where I am currently residing. However, due to the demands of my uncle’s job for nine months I was tasked by him to take good care of it while he is away from home. Given this kind of situation, I badly need Sammy to keep me happy. Until one day, an eerie thing happened to our dog.

Sammy, my best buddy at home saw my dead relative without my knowing.

Sammy, my best buddy at home saw my dead relative without my knowing.

At exactly 12 thirty in the morning while I was doing my last article for this website of ours, the supposedly sixth sense of Sammy had somehow sent a bad omen to me and my immediate family. She growled and growled incessantly, as if there was someone outside our green-colored gate. Therefore, my nervousness prompted me to switch on the light outside my humble abode. However, my heart leaped a beat when I saw nobody at the gate. Still, Sammy kept on barking and barking as if there will be no tomorrow. When she stopped, her sixth was suddenly halted when a group of cats suddenly barged inside our small garage. Thinking that she felt agitated. “I casually talked to her and said. “Sammy, whom are you barking at?” Although she did not answer my question, I knew deep in my heart that there was something mysterious.

The next day, Sammy’s incredible sixth sense confirmed what happened. My mom texted me and said. “Manang Anching died already. Oh my God! For a few seconds, I was clueless on what and how I should reply. Sammy, our adorable dog indeed saw our long lost relative. Up to this day, I still can’t believe that animals have been gifted with a sixth sense.


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