The complex and yet interrelated human anatomy can never be fully functional without a cognitive faculty. It is the inherent and incredible processor of an individual where creativity and analytic thinking are located. Cognition begets the understanding of concepts as well as the tremendous storehouse of vivid memories and most importantly it is where our wise decision making is dependent upon. Therefore, a slow mental agility must not be taken for granted.

By definition, it is the manner by which our brain neurons and its cells alongside with its synapses do harmoniously work together to make our mental processes do their job with so much difficulty at all. Also,there are times when its amazing performances decline because of various factors that we are not really aware of. Experts in the medical field have highly recommended that if an individual suffers from a a slow mental agility you might as well check his/her hormones for imbalances. These sudden changes happen when your brain suffers from dehydration, poor diet and lack of adequate exercise.In effect, if there are imbalances, our brain will slowly suffer from forgetfulness, inability remember common words, people and places.

Mental agility should be developed in early childhood and beyond.

Mental agility should be developed in early childhood and beyond.

Moreover, a slow mental agility could cause gaps in between a long and term short memory. The worst thing of all is that you might forget your daily routine. So, there is strict guideline that you need to follow. You have to take care of the most important hormones in the human body. These are: Estrogen, testosterone and your thyroid. The subsequent sections of this article will mainly focus on the gradual decline of mental agility and how to avoid it.

Steps on How to Avoid Mental Decline

To avoid a slow mental decline, here are the different ways:

  1. Learn new things in life.- This will allow your brain to be exercised.
  2. Exercise- An adequate amount of exercise allows blood to flow and circulate all over the body.
  3. Have your diet checked.- Eat lots of foodstuffs that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  4. Start living a quality of life with a healthy approach.- Simply, do not take alcohols.

A slow mental agility can be avoided, if you know how to take good care of your brain regardless of your age.

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