The Snake Man with a Gentle Heart

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The extreme oddities of life, never fails to captivate my attention as I imaginatively wonder on what to write about every single day. From the time that God graciously gave me a renewed strength and brilliant mind, the extraordinary feats of special humans never escaped my keen observation. For me, they are the greatest pillars of science that remain to be unrivaled and admired to be of without pretensions or whatsoever. This enchanting article would like to share with you a story of a man who loves to breed and take good care of snakes, ever since he was a child. As a result, the author of this write up wishes to conceal his true and untainted identity by the name of the Snake Man.

Snake Man is a special breed of human that can read the minds of snakes during his childhood up to this very day. By profession, he previously worked as a call center agent of an undisclosed firm in Makati City, Philippines. Due to his fondness in these friendly snakes, he often calls their names as if he was calling for his mom and dad in a tender and loving manner. How did he become interested in this slimy and treacherous snakes? Read on the subsequent sections of this very spine-tingling story about a person who can converse with snakes through his telepathic mind.

Can an ordinary man befriend and talk to snakes?

Can an ordinary man befriend and talk to snakes?

The meek and mild Snake Man was constantly bewitched by those things which cannot be explained by human cognition. Based on his story, his cool way of socializing with snakes had begun when he was about five to six years old. At that very young age, he was trained by his father who worked as a perya performer, in the early ’60s. Consequently, this young and good-natured lad was diligently taught by his father on how to hold snakes of different sizes. At first, he was too hesitant to do such a superb act of courage. With an ounce of a determined willpower to overcome his apprehensions, he was able to befriend a huge cobra in a matter of two weeks.

As years passed, his unbelievable talent brought him to different places around the globe. He earned thousands of dollars in just three weeks. Moreover, the main subject of this odd story had lots of outside guestings and other jobs to make his way of living more comfortable as compared to his condition from way back. However, a very tragic incident haunted his family. He got fired from his very decent vocation and was forced to find another source of income to make both ends meet. He tried everything that he could to survive. Just the same, all his honest efforts were to no avail.

This generous Snake Man, continues to struggle for survival each day. When he came to my house for an interview two years ago, he revealed to me that during his heydays he was able to send hundreds of out of school youths in school. Also, he was able to establish a foundation for the poor and those Person’s with Disabilities. Currently, the said charitable institution is still existing but it badly needs lots of benefactors to keep it going. Hence, it has a huge financial debt that is compounding every month. With all these dilemmas in life, nobody ever dared to extend some help in their own special way.

Truly, God never forsakes those who are faithful to Him. On the 23rd day of February 2013, the Almighty answered his prayers at the right time. One of his former scholars called me up after reading his story and humbly asked me about his whereabouts. Immediately, I gave to Mr. C the Snake Man’s contact details and home address. Out of curiosity, I asked Mr. C the very reason why he is very much eager to see the miserable and sickly man. Frankly, he told me over the phone. “I wanted to make a pledge of Php 1,000,000. 00, in cold cash.

At last, the noble Snake Man had settled his debt just like that. If you do think that he’s overflowing blessings are from over, you are wrong. He is now in UAE working as a CEO in one of the numerous companies of Mr. C. We have not yet seen each other for years. But, I am pretty much sure that the Snake Man is extremely happy and thankful to the high heavens for that very marvelous material blessing.


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