In these modern times, there are lots of alternative forms of treatment that seem to be unique, sensational and most of all, terrifying. Yes, you might end up having a fever after your much needed massage treatment if you happen to find out that there are no male and female masseurs available but big and friendly snakes. The very relaxing and impressive snake massage is being offered by a budding massage parlor in Indonesia. One of its satisfied customers is a man whose name is Feri Tilukay. To prove that he is really enjoying every session of a snake massage, he even closes his eyes while pythons which have exact measurements of 1.8 meters long are caressing his tired body to the hilt.

According to Tilukay, a snake massage for him is, β€œIt is a very unique sensation,” Tilukay, 31, told AFP, as the snakes slid over him during a recent session. He further added. “It gives you an adrenaline rush.” While he wore only a pair of shorts, he never showed any sign of fear as these pythons crawled all over his entire body until the spine-tingling snake massage was finally over. How does a snake massage take place? Here are some of its gyrating secrets that you need to know.

This is the newest alternative form of treatment in Jakarta, Indonesia.- A terrifying snake massage.

This is the newest alternative form of treatment in Jakarta, Indonesia.- A terrifying snake massage.

These fearsome pythons that are being used in a snake massage, are draping themselves into the different body parts of a client. Then, they are intermittently arching the neck of the patient for best results. During this extremely frightening snake massage, there are two professional masseurs who will make it certain that everything would be safely supervised before and after the marvelous snake massage.

For safety reasons, the big mouths of these pythons are being covered with adhesive tapes. This effective technique will prevent these snakes from ambulating around an individual’s body. Thus, they will only stay in one place until the snake massage has been successfully accomplished.

Over the years, the Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa are being flocked by those people who are very much intrigued as to how the snake massage is actually executed by certified masseurs. Price wise, a single session of a revitalizing snake massage will cost you around 480,000 rupiah or $43. Prior to the snake massage itself, these slimy creatures are taken out of their plastic-made boxes and after which, they are being subjected with a cleaning agent such as an antiseptic.

Indeed, the world of medical science has been tremendously overturned with mystical wonders that are truly awesome, cute and at the same time advantageous to the complex overall well-being of man. Now, will you ever try to undergo a snake massage that can make you even more revitalized than ever before?

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