Technological innovations make our fast-paced lives more convenient and easily accessible to others and anything under the sun across the globe. There is no question about that. But what if the so-called social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have allegedly interfered with the most essential thing to keep us well-informed night and day? The primal news values by Silicon Valley have somewhat been affected by the dawn of these colossal media networks in our midst today. This was due to the prominent factor of algorithm which predetermines how news items are be placed in a social network like the world renowned Facebook.

Can social media giants dynamically change the world of news reporting?

Can social media giants dynamically change the world of news reporting?

To be specific enough the algorithmic filtering of important news items aggravates the information dissemination around the world. According to some of the leading editors in the world, news are not just for external forms of newspapers. They are more of the outside newsroom thing. News experts have also critically noted that humans do have certain limitations with respect to the delicate issues of news filtering.

These clearly include the following: Crystal-clear images, videos alongside with those status updates and tweets, that are being commonly shared by humans through the use of their sophisticated mobile applications among other things. Based on the objective observations of people in the broadcasting arena, there are times when these social giants have their incredible and unique means to create and pass on their editorial judgments on their behalf. Prognosis wise, this kind of a contestable scenario will be much more evident in year 2020.

As innovation battles up with information, the pioneers in news reporting would like to remind us that transparency and accountability are both vital components in providing information regardless of the medium used. Therefore, these multi-billion social media giants must do their share in doing the same stuff without jeopardizing the complex world of news reporting.

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