Times have swiftly changed. This is evidently magnified by the sudden emergence of social networking across the globe. To define, this is an online facility which rightfully belongs to a platform that mainly centers itself on the creation or building of social networks or social bonding between different individuals with varying cultural orientations. Advantage wise, this provides an avenue to share a special part of them-selves through the use of different mediums around the world

Different social networking sites.

Different social networking sites.

Best of all, each user regardless race, age and gender. Of course, it is entirely web-based. As a result, there are specific things to be followed in terms of privacy and its usage policies. However, there are some people who usually go overboard when using their respective social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Some experts have dubbed this an online community service. Along this juncture, there are notable tech experts who had clearly differentiated this complex jargon in a different light. But no matter how they want to conceptualize it, millions of Filipinos are hooked on 24/7 wherever they are in the world. To feed your minds as to how it all started, the subsequent paragraphs will tell you more about it.

The Advent of Social Networking

Meanwhile, the new generation of social networking sites had begun as early as closing years of 1990’s. From then on, there goes the emergence of other similar technological advancements and assimilations. However, these new ones had their tremendous marketing strategies as they had learned to develop more advanced; but user-friendly features such as the easiest ways to find their loved ones and friends with just a few clicks of a button of their laptop or desktop computers. Hence, the primal leader of social networking before Friendster and Facebook was no other than but SixDegrees.com in the year 1997. Then, it was immediately followed by MakeoutClub in 2009 among others. Insofar as Facebook was concerned, it was first launched in 2005. In the Philippines, the phenomenal social networking craze had begun and flourished ihe early years of 2000 until now.

Previously, it was Friendster which had prevailed in the unmatched realms of social media. But right after the emergence of Facebook, Friendster had suddenly lost in oblivion. Accordingly, the Pinoys who can never live without their Twitter or Facebook accounts are dubbed by sociologists as most active visitors and users of social networks. In other developments, the sudden emergence of cyberculture the world over had undeniably made our communication much easier with just a simple touch of a button. In effect, we are much closer now to our relatives regardless of time and space. This has remarkably made humans more creative and well-rounded without pretenses in every area of his or her life that is worth exploring.

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