The sanctified soul of man is more important than any other treasure on earth. This is the major reason why, you have to watch out for a very spiritually nourishing film,”Son of God” which stars Diogo Morgado in the title role, Sebastian Knapp and Roma Downey among others. This very controversial religious film about Christ is directed by Christopher Spencer and produced by Mark Burnett. Based on the critically-acclaimed review of the “Son of God”, the upcoming film is actually more of a throwback of another movie, “King of the Kings , The Greatest Story Ever Told”. Just the same, this is another movie of the century which should not be missed when it premieres in theaters worldwide.

"Son of God", stars Diogo Morgado as Jesus Christ.

“Son of God”, stars Diogo Morgado as Jesus Christ.

Among the highlights of this tearjerking film are the following: The crucifixion of Christ which is said to be less-brutal than that of Mel Gibson’s portrayal in the movie, “Passion of Christ”. Also, moviegoers have to anticipate the numerous and astonishing miracles of Our Savior which have been dubbed by those meticulous reviewers as the rhetoric of religion. In the final analysis, “Son of God” is a movie that we must all learn because it is a sacred homage to the merciful “Son of God” who loves us unconditionally without reservations. “Son of God” opens on February 28, 2014, in all theaters across the globe. Do not dare miss it. This is indeed a movie that will move your hearts and souls without your knowing.

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