Shocking revelations can make or break a given TV series, without a shadow of a doubt. In the recent episode of Sons of Anarchy, the Recap Jax has finally made the final decision to disclose once and for all to tell Abel that Wendy was his first ever mom to love and to cherish, no matter how reckless she was on many aspects. As a result, Abel has turned out to be the kind of person who can be aptly described as self-harming for some reason. Of course, his school has to resort to the so-called child services to address this very complex and delicate matter.

Sons of Anarchy: The truth will always set them free.

Sons of Anarchy: The truth will always set them free.

Accordingly, it could be presumed that Jax were not so interested in reading those books or magazines on how to rear a child. To resolve, he might end up telling his child that he and Wendy used to have a blissful marriage from wayback. Most probably, the very first mysterious query that could come to a child’s inquisitive mind was this.

Is that why Grandma killed my other mommy? So my first mommy could be here with me?

Along this line, it seemed quite clear that every audience will be amusingly stunned and it would dearly expected that a new story and twists will soon unfold to the delight of its millions of viewers which will really make the Sons of Anarchy something to look forward to. After almost three episodes left in its closet, the truth has been somehow revealed but this has been quite delivered in a monotonous way. Somewhere, somehow, the eagerness of the viewers will be affected. But just the same, any soap opera would be able to transcend itself to a new level of excitement despite of its flaws or lapses which are considered as inevitable, right? One thing is for sure. In the last three stretches of this long and winding television series, Gemma will take the center stage about her rendezvous with guilt. Thus, the helpless child will be finally free from the fetters and bondage of deceit and dishonesty which can finally change his life forever. It was solely because held the ultimate truth no more, no less. Likewise, those senseless murders will soon be over no matter we liked it or not.

As for the other relevant characters in the Sons of Anarchy, cases of Faith and Despondency will be in the same way highlighted with some sex scenes which are logically needed to make some of its subplots more realistic than ever before. In these loving and subtle ways, intimate relationships among its characters are being healed and restored to create a new beginning when the Sons of Anarchy concludes in the coming weeks.

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