Should a multi-talented lady like Sophie Hunter be closely associated with her equally famous fiancee in the person of the dashing Benedict Cumberbatch? Well, the much ideal answer to this question is not in any way. It is due to a remarkable fact, that she has a unique world of her own long before she met the actor without expecting much in return. To begin with, she is a goal oriented theatre director and a great actress. She was chosen to portray the character of Maria Osborne in Vanity Fair.

Film actress and theatrical director Sophie Hunter is not just an ordinary woman.

Film actress and theatrical director Sophie Hunter is not just an ordinary woman.

Apart from these, she starred in other blockbuster films which has made her acting prowess to shine like a sparkling piece of diamond.In case you are not aware of this very interesting fact about her, Hunter proudly owns a theatre company. Also, she can speak French in all elegance and fluency. As a director and performer, she directed a play about the amazing interaction between a human and the gyrating power of electricity with an eye-catching title, The Terrific Electric. Surprisingly, her first salary as a director in those days was estimated at 35,000 euros. As an artist, Sophie Hunter loves to do and explore those things that will somehow allow the creative imaginations of her viewers to be powerfully developed even without proper trainings. Meanwhile, her newest film The 69S The Shackleton Project, which is a chronicle about an incredible voyager who had explored the antarctic over a century ago had garnered a most cherished global recognition. Now, to make this exceptionally crafted masterpiece of hers as one for the books she made use of six puppets which measured six foot long each. Consequently, the film critics from Boston Globe had nothing more to say but all praises for the highly commendable actress and theatrical director of all time. In 2013, she dynamically went out of her way to be the co-founder of Lacuna.

This is actually a production company in close cooperation with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society whose main philosophical core is to creatively utilize theatrical productions with the earnest hope of understanding the plight of PWD’s across the globe. Likewise, she never hesitated to try doing some of the most in demand operas for today’s interactive generation. Moreover, her totally impressive portfolio did not forget to mention that she is a folk singer in her own right. On a personal note, she came from a family which can be described as historic and flamboyant as well. Sophie Hunter is the great granddaughter of General Sir James Michael Gow GCB, Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Bath, who was equerry (an officer charged with supervision of the horses belonging to a royal or noble household) to Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, in the 1950s.

Last but not the least, Sophie Hunter got captivated by a famous sculptor, Conrad Shawcross. Indeed, Sophie Hunter is not just a woman with a beautiful face. She is the flawless embodiment of a modern-day lass who knows exactly what she dearly wants in her fast-paced life.

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