During our carefree and playful childhood, our parents used to spank us as one of the many disciplinary techniques that they tend to adopt to make us better persons. But, times have indeed changed. According to psychologists, spanking can only make a child to be more resentful most specially if parents will do this to their children whenever they fell short of your expectations. Thus, this method will develop in them a heightened kind of anxiety and a low self-esteem to name a few.

Spanking alternatives are much better than other forms of corporal management.

Spanking alternatives are much better than other forms of corporal management.

Therefore, these brilliant people have devised several spanking alternatives that will better ensure them that their parents are the best figures in the world. Firstly, allow your children to see the natural consequences of their actions. For example, if your child throws a toy all you need to do is to take that object away from him or her. In this way, he or she will have a self-realization that it is not right. Then, if your child cries because he wanted the toy back again explain to him or her why took that toy away from him. Moreover, teach him or her the value of respect through the so-called role modelling. For example, if Sophia talks back and explain her side of the story all you need to do is to make her calm. After which, tell her to do the talking in a nice way. Similarly, parents must modify their kids environment. Simply, if your child wants to watch a TV show but his homeworks are not yet done try to put child lock code on the said appliance.

Manage your anger and frustrations properly without affecting your child. If you have your own problems to deal with, just walk a away from the situation by doing productive things. Allow your anger to subside before talking to your child again. Furthermore, make your child busy as well. Try to meet them, where they at. Have time to realize the fact that your kids are always prone to mistakes as part of their meaningful and significant development. Then, try to develop new opportunities for them. Since toddlers have many limitations, understand them deeply by putting your-self into their shoes when you were still a child. In addition, other spanking alternatives include the principle of addition and subtraction. This means to say, that you must add something good and take away the bad. To briefly explain, if your children commit the same mistakes all over again take away some privileges from them. On the other hand, if they are well-behaved reward with anything that comes from your heart.

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