Spiritual Fasting: The Basic Techniques Part 1

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Human spirituality is the highest distinction of our being that is frequently regarded in the mystifying world of parapsychology, as a human component that can excellently do anything it earnestly desires for as long as it is in perfect harmony and consonance with the irrepressible strength of the human body inside and out. This inspiring Season of Lent, most mystics and faith healers will flood those faraway mystical mountains that have been presumed by many as powerful, revitalizing and best of all, relaxing. These divine paranormal practitioners are conducting a very tedious ritual which is popularly known as spiritual fasting. To define, spiritual fasting is a kind of activity which specifically pertains to a deliberate and momentary abstinence from worldly desires such as the use of mobile phones and your favorite social media accounts for a couple of days.

On the other hand, these divine healers and occultists have their own unique ways of conducting spiritual fasting. One of the most their recognizable ways are their abstinence from eating the meats of warm-blooded animals, recharging their inherent powers through the wise use of their Latin Prayers for meditation and the blessing of their amulets for physical protection and the likes.

This Lenten Season. spiritual fasting is the most essential means to recharge and cleanse the human body, soul and spirit

This Lenten Season. spiritual fasting is the most essential means to recharge and cleanse the human body, soul and spirit.

Although there are diverse methods and interpretations of what spiritual fasting really is, it does not matter that much as long as it harmoniously attunes with the Divine Will of our Father in Heaven and most importantly, it does not do any harm to the body of a certain person who will try this extremely sacred ritual once a year. Accordingly, spiritual fasting can help any ordinary individual to effectively cleanse his or her system of impurities that might cause some unknown sicknesses in the long run. In addition, the idea of spiritual fasting will keep you safe from any physical or spiritual harm. Why is this so? It is simply because your spirit will be more powerful, radiant and sustainable whenever you fast. If this is indeed true and effective, what are the different techniques of spiritual fasting? The next part of this interesting article will reveal this techniques without reservations.


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