We usually encounter the word Feng Shui in our daily lives. This is a very easy method of achieving balance, harmony and prosperity which genially emanated from the Chinese. Thus, this mysterious but engaging approach according to the primal composites of Chinese geomancy fosters equanimity in any given environment, house and workplace. Theoretically, Chinese Feng Shui is excellently characterized by the following sets of dynamic and active elements such as fire, water, wood, earth and metal. In addition, no matter how complex this unique methodology is; in relation to the magnificent human transformations of our lives it is still being overwhelmingly patronized by millions across the globe. But have you ever heard about Spiritual Feng Shui? Based on perplex spiritual perspectives, Spiritual Feng Shui is not all about the use of magical or lucky charms. Ultimately, it is about the tremendous “POWER OF PRAYER” How did Spiritual Feng Shui come about? Read on its full story.

Spiritual Feng Shui: The Beginning

It all began when Sister Cheryle Baviera, a notable Filipina divine healer and online writer had a spiritual journey for almost three days and three nights without food and water in 1999. During her spiritual nourishment as she frequently calls it, her closest friends were the ones who alternately watched over her physical body so that the devil will not intrude her in any way. They had a daily vigil inside her house to prevent her precious soul from wandering from one plane to another. For those of our dear readers who are not so familiar with the spiritual processes of astral projection, those first time practitioners out there should not dare to try this one because your spirit might not able to return anymore. if you lacked the proper guidance and training with this kind of a paranormal phenomenon.

In the case of Sister Cheryle, our Almighty Creator and a Holy Rosary were spiritual her armors in fulfilling the entirety of Spiritual Feng Shui. As such, the rosary was said on an hourly basis without ceasing to keep her safe from any danger until she had successfully accomplished the end of her sojourn in another dimension; that no one had ever dared to travel in the first place. According to this lucky and most blessed author of this book, the Lord had lovingly revealed to her how a person can have a blissful and prosperous life on earth and thereafter. Also, she had reiterated time and again that the Lord had told her not to divulge it with anyone until the RIGHT TIME COMES.

Due to her unquestionable obedience to Our Savior, she never dared to ask the major reason why she was prevented for the time being of such an amazing disclosure. Nevertheless, she had faithfully committed to make these unbelievable revelations when it is already time to do so; to make each and every human be closer to God than ever before. Similarly, God wants Sister Cheryle to make this whole universe know that our Creator must always be glorified, praised and thanked forevermore without conditions or whatsoever. Most importantly, the Divine Prelude of Spiritual Feng Shui wants us to realize that our own physical strengths are senseless without God. Therefore, as we painfully travel in this life let each and everyone of us MUST be ruled by God, in mind, spirit and body. If not, prosperity can never be attained without His inspirations.

Sister Cheryle’s book about Spiritual Feng Shui shares the Love, Mercy and Compassion of Christ for all mankind regardless of religion, race and gender. This is the main backbone of Spiritual Feng Shui. By the way, how does it greatly differ from Chinese Feng Shui? In a candid response, the lady healer with disability has said that Spiritual Feng Shui is all about the beautiful bond between God and Man. Best of all, this type of geomancy does not literally center on material but spiritual abundance as a whole. Instead, it talks about on how to achieve a lasting inner peace and happiness without the aid of amulets.

Is The Use of A Chinese Bagua Prohibited In Spiritual Feng Shui?

Frankly, the varying uses of a bagua are not prohibited; rather it should only be used whenever necessary. Along this line, the holistic methodology of this rare kind of Feng Shui is the powerful and unchangeable “CLEANSING OF MAN” to make him worthy of God’s limitless blessings in both material and spiritual aspects. As far as the other revelations are concerned, this soon to be popular book will gladly teach its would be avid readers on how to have a clear and logical frame of mind most especially for those people who are severely affected with depression and other unknown psychological disorders. Meanwhile, if you do want to have a well-rounded and wholesome aura inside and out; then this amazing book is a must read piece of Divine Art and intervention to make you the best of what you are.

Above anything else, Spiritual Feng Shui revolves around those human and Divine Laws which are to be perfectly homogenized altogether for a more satisfying way of life. Generally, the remarkable applications of these newest and extraordinary techniques of Feng Shui can be easily used for emotional stability, career enhancements and on how to achieve a happy marriage without undergoing Marriage Encounter seminars. Moreover, for those people who are so clueless as to why they are not materially blessed this easy to read book by Sister Cheryle will spill the beans in its succeeding chapters. Furthermore, this Divine-inspired writings of Miss Baviera will show you a step-by step-guide on how to relieve those unnecessary stressors in our midst. Can SP solve all your financial problems? Well, the answer is a BIG YES. All you need to do is to carefully read on how to achieve this and the rest is history. But, it does not involve any magic because SP is purely intercessory in its whole context. Those ways or steps to be religiously adopted through the use of this book would largely depend on the problems that you have in life.

What Is The Major Difference of Spiritual Feng Shui and Chinese Geomancy?

It is a common knowledge that Chinese Feng Shui has to be provided with a person’s birthday, name and date of birth in order miraculously to resolve all his burdens in life. On the contrary, SP is the other way around. The good- natured writer of this book says that this kind of principle in the successful attainment of anything you desire for only needs a person’s real name and date of birth; which have to be spiritually assessed by Sister Cheryle herself. After which a detailed answer will soon follow because the solutions to your personal dilemmas were solely dictated by God through Sister Cheryle’s Third Eye.

To conclude, Spiritual Feng Shui will generously impart on how to effectively deal with those inevitable physical miseries and pains without any inch of difficulty. This is uniquely done through the proper integration of our inherent minds, bodies, souls and spirits which are oftentimes functioning too independently from one another because of our greed and selfishness.

The humble author of this book wishes to express her heartfelt thanks to the administrator and staff of this website for giving her the golden opportunity to reach the world in seconds; thereby, proclaiming God’s majestic dominion on the face of the earth without end.


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  1. rox says:

    Thank you again for marvelous information about fengshui. Keep it up. More power to poklat.com and to my favorite writer Cheryle Baviera.

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