Movie watching is not only the most relaxing form of recreation. It is also a qualifying gauge if a certain person is an intelligent viewer or not. Given this, we must also choose the exceptional motion picture that we should watch, so as not to waste our time and money at the same time. In the case of St.Vincent, this is not a complicated tale. Instead, it is a marvelous production wherein it tackles the struggling life and times of an ordinary individual who commonly suffers from a tiresome financial strain. In reality, the movie was all about a man who goes by the name of Bill Murray Vincent. He hails from the alluring and gracious Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, New York.

Going back, he was totally a man with lots of financial difficulties as evidently shown by the following scenarios: Gambling arrears as well as a financial dole out for one and only prostitute, Daka. However, he had the best time of his life when he’s once pauper life had drastically changed into something that no one can ever imagine. This had happened when a van suddenly barged into his fence. Consequently, it broke off a branch of a tree. From there, his life has never been the same again. St.Vincent was also a story about a man who was compelled to accept a challenging and tedious job by being a guardian cum nanny to a boy whose name is Oliver. As he waited for a much lucrative income, he had developed a different kind of friendship with the angelic and adorable kid. Hence, the funniest thing about this movie was the undeniable fact that he had become so intimate with Oliver.

St. Vincent is an excellent movie, which talks about a poor man who changed his life by fate and destiny.

St. Vincent is an excellent movie, which talks about a poor man who changed his life by fate and destiny.

In fact, there was a particular scene in the movie where he brought this innocent kid to a race track. In essence, this an excellent dramatic film of which every viewer can easily relate to. Best of all, Bill Murray had given the film with an overpowering kind of a cinematic justice in its strictest sense. Although for some, it was an awkward portrayal for Murray. On the other hand, the very influential character of Melissa McCarthy had engaged in a little kind of personal indulgence by means of resorting to go out of her comfort zone to make her acting career more powerful and convincing. As far as the whole story of St. Vincent is concerned, it seemed to be a rhetoric of those other movies with the same storyline.

Nevertheless, its an impressive motion picture which is highly recommended for every viewer who sincerely wanted to learn more about the essence of human existence in the most entertaining way. Indeed, St. Vincent is an award winning film that will never let you down.

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