Horror musicals and rock operas are plenty, but they are often the types of flicks that moviegoers refused to watch at times. The movie Stage Fright creates a niche in horror films and the one that could sometimes alienate its audience to the realities of life. For experimental audiences and for those people who dearly appreciate horror comedies with a twist, this movie is a perfect and an excellent choice. Director Jerome Sable, fashions a very unique and genuinely rough horror musical that takes Phantom of the Opera and builds a refreshing revenge story from its mystifying roots.

Stage Fright 3 is a musical horror film that has a continuously evolving cinematic phases from wayback.

Stage Fright 3 is a musical horror film that has a continuously evolving cinematic phases from wayback.

Stage Fright is mostly singing and dancing in nature and content, while acknowledging goofy tropes and odd characters. Allie MacDonald plays Camilla, the meek young girl whose Broadway bound mother (Minnie Driver) was brutally murdered in her dressing room when Camilla was still a child. The twist of this film was that the identity of the masked murderer remained to be anonymous. From then on, Camilla and her brother Buddy were adopted by their mother’s manager Roger (Meatloaf). They were assigned to cook for Roger’s summer camp which revolved around helping other aspiring performers and theatre wannabes to sing, dance and act.

Despite of their tragic past, Buddy is eager to finish the summer camp and start a new life with his sister, Camilla but she can’t help him; rather she feels obliged to perform. When Artie, the camp’s director revives their mother’s most famous musical, she competes to play the role made famous by her mother. As a result, did not listen to Buddy despite of his insistence to avoid the stage. Things go nuts as the masked killer waits in the dark, prepared to break the show and viciously murder anyone in the production. Essentially, the movie has a cult classic theme it as it shows many great rock horror films while giving a genuine kind of laughter with a cynical sense of humor. This particular phase of a heart pounding motion picture keeps the film gloomy and monotonous. However, its director was also able to suddenly shift with ardor to the camp going to a dreading and yet easy staging of the character’s musical prowess with upbeat dance and singing numbers that need some easy to grasp and yet necessary exposition alongside with the film’s hilarious antics.

Excellently, Sable was able to catch the moviegoers uninterested feelings with the killer’s astounding heavy metal wailing using the opportunity to emphasize the masked murderer’s danger. Thus, the good natured director was able to perfectly resurrect the Kabuki psycho murderer known as the metal killer. Similarly, its amazing performances which are specifically considered as those cinematic elements who really kept the movie extremely entertaining with the beautiful Allie MacDonald stealing the film’s center stage as the youthful and eager Camilla. To date, she is a kind of actress who will do whatever it takes just to to be the star of the show.

Going back, Stage Fright has a kind of predictability which stands out as the main element of the plot. Likewise, Meatloaf’s unbelievable portrayal has become a memorable part as a head of the camp whose main aim is to lure a stage production to the first performance, while Douglas Smith is a very entertaining source of morality for Camilla.

While the killings develop, more clues as it unfolds, the movie never loses sight of its premise as a slasher with masked killer offing their victims in the most imaginative and gore soaked methods. More so, it is well-crafted and there are evidences of sincere devotions to the art of musical genre as well as the willingness to take the risks. Lastly, Sable has exceptionally included those adequate and impressive bloody stuffs to please millions of horror fans as well as those who like musical production numbers without question.  This is truly an entertaining and creepy horror film that is indeed worth watching. See this official movie trailer and try to figure out how this movie could titillate the horrific side of you.

Overall, Stage Fright is highly recommended to adult viewers who love horror films so much. The movie is Rated B for its brutal content obscene languages and some sexual references.

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