Scientists have given so much hope to those people who are gravely suffering from another kind of mental disorder which is known as bipolar disorder. Thanks to a new medical breakthrough which is popularly known as stem cell treatment. The current scientific pioneers for this amazing scientific breakthrough have said that it will not only provide a tremendous cure for such a disease but it will excellently fill in the gaps of a comprehensive understanding about the said mental deterioration. Statistically, it has been revealed that there are about 200 million people across the globe who are suffering this kind of cognitive problem. In brief, a bipolar disorder is simply defined as a sickness that is characterized by mood upswings.

The tedious but astonishing stem cell process.

The tedious but astonishing stem cell process.

Based on a recent experiment, these prolific doctors have used the stem cells of those people without a bipolar disorder. Then, they have miraculously transformed these cells into neurons which are similar to the brain cells of humans. After which, they have brilliantly discovered that there are distinct differences between these two sets of neurons and how these components were able to harmoniously establish their unique forms of communication between them-selves. Significantly, it was revealed that those newly-formed cells have varying responses to lithium, which is the main component used in stem cell treatment. This latest medical finding was published last March 25 2014 in a medical journal, American Psychiatry.

Although a stem cell treatment is literally expensive, it does not really matter to those people who really want to get rid of this sickness for good.

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