A downtrodden Stephen Collins has finally admitted without hesitation to a therapist that he had indeed sex with minors who are between 10-13 years of age in an undisclosed hotel several years back. This was according to an exclusive audio conversation with a reputable therapist. In the said voice recording, he said exposed that he even requested the girl to hold his sensitive part. However, he only had a partial erection during that very intimate moment.

7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins is currently involved in sex molestation charges.

7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins is currently involved in sex molestation charges.

In lieu of this, the New York Police Department is currently investigating the matter as far as the veracity of the tape is concerned. Collins is said to be into nasty divorce process with actress Faye Grant. According to reports, Collins had revealingly exposed him-self to several minors two years ago. Meanwhile, Grant taped the therapy session. Along this line, California laws do allow persons to record such kind of a confidential conversation perhaps for the sake of transparency. The very shocking audio tape had significantly divulged that his first ever victim was a relative of his first wife. Based on the recorded audio, Collins said.

There was one moment of touching where her hand, I put her hand on my penis.

Likewise, Collins further said his supposedly erection can be aptly described as

No, I mean, no. Partial, maybe I think.

The New York Police Department has the tape already and their team of experts which was composed of two time-tested investigators flew to LA to have an investigative talk with Grant. As far as it the new developments are concerned, these involved the presentation of possible witnesses of the said sensational case against the debonair Stephen Collins. On the part of NYPD, a reliable source from the said prestigious peace keeping force had said that the actor had victimized at least three minors. In other developments, based on the personal accounts of the victim she said that Collins would sometimes wander inside the privacy of her room with just a towel wrapped around him.

Moreover, the former minor had disclosed that there was a time when she would sleep at the New York based apartment of the couple. Further, she stayed in the guest room and the beleaguered star of 7th Heaven would do some unforgiving sexual acts and everything had gone to history. The unidentified woman has also confessed to her husband about her sexual molestation encounters with Stephen Collins. As far as Faye Grant is concerned, she has this to say to her hubby.

tephen is not remorseful, shows no guilt, and his shame is demonstrated as extreme self pity. He wails and cries, ‘I’m in so much paaaaaain!!!

Nevertheless, the woman who was once a child and who was an alleged sexual fantasy of Collins based on verifiable reports will definitely cooperate with the police authorities in the coming days.

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