It is a sad day in hockey when former NHL defenseman Steve Montador was found dead in his home in Mississauga, Ontario, early Sunday morning. Police said they received a 911 call just after 2 o clock in the morning, and attempts to resuscitate Montador upon arrival were unsuccessful. Police spokeswoman Fiona Thivierge said, “It’s a sudden death, so there’s nothing to indicate anything untoward, just natural causes as far as we know”. In addition, there will be an autopsy, however the family has asked for privacy as they deal with the sad news.

Steve Montador

Defenseman Steve Montador was found unconscious in his home, and was later pronounced dead.

While no cause of death was known, the police said no foul play was suspected. However, it was said that he battled depression as a physical symptom of the brain injury. Steve Montador suffered a concussion in March 2012, and a year later he talked openly and candidly about the injury and subsequent depression. Based on his March 2013 interview, “I know people talk about sports being a microcosm for life, and it’s very true that way. I can see why people have a hard time with, being taken away from something they love to do. There’s a lot of uncertainty, a lot of fear, a lot of anxiety and depression. I’ve had a lot of help to work through that, and I feel like I’ve taken the right steps”.

How sad that in sports, too often former players take their own lives, and it is always a loss to the fans because we’ve seen them play. What we don’t see are the things they faced. It’s too bad that Steve Montador battled depression due from his concussion. His depression got the best of him. He was 35 and still young. My prayers go out to his family and those who touched his life.

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