Social and scientific revolutions are the benchmarks of a life changing world, These amazing and drastic changes have made man a conqueror of his own body, mind and soul. However, as these dynamic modifications by any other means have compounded in the entire human persona thorough the influences of a given society. In effect, there is the negative presence of an inevitable physiological and psychological obstacle that ultimately hampers the utmost and prolific functioning as well as the overall being of human nature. This is scientifically termed as “stress”. Biologically, it is defined as an individual’s own way of responding to a given set of stressors which can either be caused by environmental or psychological factors as a whole. It is a reactionary measure of a human body to a certain challenge or trial that is being confronted by him in his everyday living. Essentially, there are presumably effective set of rules or mechanisms that can fight or prevent these stressors from bringing you down. This is no other than but the simple and viable approach of stress management.

stress reduction

The most innovative ways of stress reduction has created a new twist, which made a dumbfounding conclusion.

What Is Stress Management?

Basically, stress management is a broad selection or spectrum of techniques and psychotherapy approaches which are mainly geared toward the control and minimization of a person’s level of stress tolerance; most especially if it is already in a chronic state or condition. Moreover, the main core or purpose of stress management is to ensure the maintenance of physiological homeostasis in each one of us so as not to gravely affect our overall functioning in our everyday life. On the contrary, if you do not know how to counteract the negative consequences of these undesirable psychological variables through the wise application of stress management; therefore, stress can produce numerous symptoms which varies accordingly from one person to another, inevitable situations and what experts constantly allude to as severities. In this regard, stress can bring about health problems which are commonly physiological in nature such as headaches, insomnia, asthma and those psychosomatic illnesses which are most frequently caused by many psychological factors such as depression, anxiety disorders and the likes. Going back to stress management, it is further believed by science experts and psychologists alike that this easy to do medical breakthrough is one of the excellent ways that will foster the satisfying achievement of a happy and peaceful life.

Similarly, the exemplary advantages in managing stress in humans can be best attained if they have a little knowledge of their so-called stress levels. As an accurate determinant, an instrument that is popularly referred to as a “polygraph” had been uniquely devised. Before going on a bit further, let this informative article provide you with a short overview of the historical foundations of stress management. Read on.

Historical Foundations of Stress Management

The God given wisdom of Walter Cannon and Hans Selye were the ones responsible for establishing the most reliable and prominent scientific frameworks of stress management. In fact, they had used the responses of several animals in order to extensively discover the bad effects of stress in humans and to find out varying coping mechanisms to amazingly deal with stress without any inch of difficulty. In addition to this, there was another genius mind whose name is Richard Rahe, who made another striking conclusion that stress is caused by a distinctive type of stressor that can be incredibly measured by using a ranking process of a median degree of stress, through the wise use of a gadget that was proudly named after him. This is now termed as the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale. Despite of this innovative invention, there are other brilliant thinkers in the fields of science and psychology who strongly claimed that stress is not really caused by external factors but it is due to the diverse and irrational perceptions of a person who is experiencing a stressful scenario in his daily struggles, to achieve what his or her heart ardently desires.

Causes of Stress

Psychologists have said time and again that the leading causes of stress are as follows: Rejection, death of a loved one, poor academic performance in school, unhealthy social relationships with other people, financial worries and marriage-related problems. To elaborate, these leading causes of stress could lead to more serious complications like the onset of personality disorders, suicidal tendencies and the development of a poor self-concept; if not given an immediate and proper medical attention in the soonest time possible time. Hence, with these types of insurmountable conflicts and dilemmas, the appropriate stress management approaches and techniques should most likely intervene. Let us discover these easy to follow psychological interventions in a random order.

Stress Management Techniques or Approaches

Among the simplest ways or techniques that are being used by the modern society of today are the breathing and muscle relaxation exercises, cardiovascular exercises, stretching and yoga sessions. However, if these stress relieving ways and means will not work for you, there are many other approaches that you can possibly try. One of the easiest thing to do is to attend stress management workshops, counseling and last but not the least, try to undergo a mind enhancing seminar if you have the time and the pleasure to do so. Best of all, meditate and nourish your spiritual side by going to a spiritual retreat along with your church congregation members. After all, God is the only magnificent “miracle worker” whom you can reach out anytime of the day, and wherever you might be.

Overall, stress management techniques or approaches can only provide their utmost effectiveness by a person’s strong will to overcome life’s dangerous and impending debacles with an optimistic frame of mind and most importantly, our dear readers must constantly remember that these fleeting hindrances in their lives are the strongest links in the sweetest realizations of their personal and spiritual growths; which in turn will make them the “MOST INSPIRING MASTERPIECE OF GOD” on earth.

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