Times might have gone to innovation, but there is one thing that both scientists and geniuses have failed to discover and resolve. This is no other than but what experts call as stupidity virus. It is one of the many viruses that the John Hopkins Medical School have significantly found out and its what makes people dumb or stupid. Surprisingly, almost 45% were severely affected with it, according to a recent experiment.

Stupidity Virus.

Stupidity Virus.

The dreaded virus was evidently found in an algae, and it was revealed at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In particular, the scientific study was recently alluded to as the Chlorovirus ATCV-1. Accordingly, the next dangerous virus to watch out for is a part of the human oropharyngeal virome and it is closely linked to the cognitive functions in both mice and humans respectively. Also, the most shocking conclusion about this type of virus is the mere fact that it alters the expression of brain cells insofar as their genetic makeup are concerned. Therefore, the cognitive performances of humans are said to be extremely poor.

In like manner, their spatial awareness and visual processing are also affected by the virus of stupidity. Furthermore, almost 40% are positive. Therefore, these respondents have poorly performed in relation to those tasks which are aimed to measure one’s focus or attention span. Going back to the premise of genetic alteration, it has something to do with the following areas of learning. These are as follows: Synaptic plasticity, memory formation, learning and one’s immune response to viral exposure.

Ultimately, a stupidity virus can suppress our vital brain functions, immune responses and our memories as well. Now, what does this conclusive finding indicate? It only means to say, that there are times when we tend to make some wrong assumptions or decision in our daily lives. However, it cannot fully overpower us because there are times when we tend to rectify these mistakes to better our-selves in the long run. Admittedly, a stupidity virus is really on the lose most specially if we love to spend on things that are not classified as necessities after all.

Indeed, there is so much to discover about this shocking scientific conclusion. Nevertheless, it can still be resolved through the earnest development of our creativity, critical analysis and the practical applications of those things that we have learned from our past mistakes. Granting that this virus really spreads, it only proves the undeniable reality that nobody is PERFECT. We all have our sets of mistakes that have made us stronger, to face the most difficult challenges ahead of us. After all, scientific findings at times are never permanent. Given this kind of scenario, the so-called stupidity virus might only become a thing of the past.

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