Traveling leads the vast exploration of beautiful destinations, to profitably provide the diverse dynamics of human cognition and the kind of culture that a particular set of people is inherently adopting to be able to enrich their beliefs, values and sociological norms as well. Therefore, the right choice of a tourist attraction where you enjoy and spend the rest of the day is somehow a great thing to deal with. In the Philippines, this interesting website highly recommends the alluring tropical paradise of Calaguas Islands.

Calaguas Islands

The priceless and world-renowned Calaguas Islands is strategically situated in the northern section of Camarines in Bicol Region. Moreover, it tenderly cradles two more enchanting archipelagos such as the Tinaga and Guintinua Group of Islands respectively. Do you want to know more about Calaguas Islands? Let this worth reading travel article take your most colorful and wildest imaginations to the reverberating atmosphere of Calaguas Islands.

Calaguas Islands White Sand

Calaguas Islands has been blessed with crystal clear and blue waters together with her marvelous natural wonders like those rare topographical treasures such as the other islands which are miraculously concealed within the realms of beauty and splendor, like no other tourist attraction can ever come close to as the years come and go. As such, your nature tripping escapades will never be the same again. Although the advent of technological innovations are still premature in and around the inexpressible Islands of Calaguas, still the cultural conventions of its people are within the long and winding context of socio-cultural and economic developments in its own prolific entirety. Among the exemplary and unforgettable features of Calaguas are as follows:

  1. Rock formations which are really relaxing and elegant.
  2. It is the only archipelago in the Philippines. which is pollution-free.
  3. Nighttime haven of fireflies, which glaringly blinds the whole Group of Islands.

Tourism wise, Calaguas Islands has indeed improved a lot in this crucial area of economic development because it has significantly increased in years, after it was initially discovered. This is mainly due to various tourist hubs which are equally profound, elegant and unique inside and out. Ultimately, the primal end goal of Calaguas Islands is not to become the alter ego of Boracay. But, it only desires to make a lasting emblem and benchmark that simply goes this way. The complex world of cyber innovation will not in any way drastically influence its people’s way of living no matter what happens.

Top 3 Activities that You Can Do in Calaguas Islands

Below, are the Top 3 recreational activities that you might want to engage in while you are enjoying your stay in the “Crown Princess of Bicol Region. These are:

  1. Fishing
  2. Scuba Diving
  3. Kayaking

How To Get There

To reach Calaguas Islands, do some advance flight bookings, most especially if you are from Metro Manila. In so doing, going to Paracale will be much easier for you. On the other hand, those local tourists who will be emanating from the province of Daet they are only going to pay around Php 50.00 to 60.00 to be able to get to Calaguas Islands safe and sound. Meanwhile, if you and your office mates will have seminars in Calaguas Islands, all you need to do is to save at least Php 3,000 to Php 6,000 to enjoy this bejeweled vacation paradise in Region V.

There is so much more to learn about Calaguas Islands. So, why not come here and be hypnotized with her beauty, charisma and historical significance which have never been told before.

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  1. Lynnda says:

    It seems interesting to visit this place

    • Cheryle says:

      It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Philippines. So, you better not miss this very fascinating place of interest in Bicol. Keep on visiting our site more often.Thank you so much.

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