Sunshine Cruz Shuns Sexy Roles for Good

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The enticing allure of former sultry siren Sunshine Cruz, has never faded. But, she has firmly decided that she will no longer do sexy roles for two major reasons: First, those bold-oriented films are already out of date. Secondly, Sunshine Cruz has three lovely daughters to morally protect. Despite of these career limitations, Cruz have other official endorsements and showbiz commitments this year.

Former sexy star Sunshine Cruz says no to bold roles.

Former sexy star Sunshine Cruz says no to bold roles.

Right before her timeless altar date with dramatic actor and action star Cesar Montano, Sunshine made two titillating films such as X and The Lover of Mrs. Montero. Those were some of the hottest and sexiet films which made Sunshine one of the Philippine’s Sexiest Goddesses during the early ’90s. Currently, she is so much busy with a commercial endorsement of Glo Crave Away. toothpaste. Just recently, she has displayed her powerful acting prowess in ABS-CBN’s MMK where played the role of a loving mom who has a daughter with leukemia. According to this beauteous ex-wife of Cesar Montano, it is very heartwarming to know that her acting abilities are being noticed by millions of televiewers who have known her so differently.

This was the main reason why she is getting those juicy roles nowadays. In fact, her impressive portrayals in a serialized daytime television series Lifeblood and Galema were only some of her most provocative portrayals that can be deservingly considered as bankable and worth noticing at that. On the personal side, Sunshine admits that she has no time for love right now. For her, it will only give her a hard time. Instead, she is focusing more on her career and her children’s bright future. As we all know, her marriage to Montano is not yet annulled and so having another love interest is a big no-no.

Indeed, Sunshine Cruz has matured enough in everything. Every opportunity that comes her way is priceless; but it has to have the necessary limitations. Having blessed with a wonderful career and equally lovable daughters there is no doubt that Sunshine is much happier now than ever before.

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