Supermoon Stuns the Mother Earth

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Mother was surprisingly visited by a strange phenomenon that is dubbed as the Supermoon. It is also otherwise known as the perigean full moon. It is defined as a new full moon when it nearly reaches the earth in its orbit. This was coined by a famous astrologer by the name of Richard Noelle The said extraordinary term was scientifically thought of for more than three decades now.

Supermoon is said to be more of an astrological phenomenon rather than an astronomical one.

Supermoon is said to be more of an astrological phenomenon rather than an astronomical one.

Accordingly, this happens at 4 to six times on the average within a given year. Also, this article would like to informatively share with you that the term itself is not an astronomical term but it rightfully belongs to the sphere of astrology. Similarly, for this year alone we had a total of five supermoons. The first one happened on January 1, 2014. Then again, it had a much awaited encore on the 30th day of January 2014. As this happens to our planet, what does this extraordinary phenomenon dearly resemble in our lives?

In its astrological perspective, the appearance of a supermoon simply wants to signify that our Planet has lots of challenges to hurdle in the coming years most specially in the aspect of economics and on its social structures Thus, our world looks forward to more inventions that will make human existence more viable enough to keep up with the changing times. Likewise, its appearance serves as a warning that there would be a lot of undiscovered and mysterious illnesses that would come our way. However, these will be all positively be resolved in due time.

Although the appearance of the supermoon is a rare phenomenon all these years, It is one exceptional way to remind us that our Mother Planet and all other creations in the solar system are harmoniously intertwined with one another.

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