Superstitious Beliefs and Good Luck: What Do Experts Say?

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It’s been quite sometime, since I have written a parapsychology article for this very promising website. One of the most interesting subject matters that I would like to focus on today is about superstitious beliefs. Along this controversial mainstream, even famous sports figures do firmly believe that if they follow a certain set of beliefs which had been passed from generation to generation a streak of good luck will automatically follow. Just like for example, a legend in the world of football who goes by the name of Johan Cruyff loves to slap his goalkeeper in the stomach before any tournament starts. It’s very extraordinary, right?

Although scientists and other research experts do not even perceive any rational logic behind it, somewhere, somehow the subsequent paragraphs will try to explain the major cause of this patterned behavior of most people. Firstly, superstitious beliefs are categorically classified as repeated behaviors of humans that do not exert any mental effort or whatsoever. Therefore, these baseless and false orientations are only repeated by our brain because our own unique cognition are already preconditioned that if we are going to do a specific and positive action success will soon follow.

This notable golf legend, slaps the stomach of his goalkeeper, before the start of a tournament.

This notable golf legend, slaps the stomach of his goalkeeper, before the start of a tournament.

On the other hand, some practitioners of parapsychology have another version of the story. Generally, those biased sets of traditional practices are treated as sacred rituals which must be done with utmost consistency and lots of positive thinking. Now, in extreme cases that these powerful rituals will not work a negative energy flow hampers the fulfillment your earnest desire. Again, a supernatural element will enter the picture to effectively remove some incidences of bad luck.

These contradicting views or perceptions evidently stir within us our lack of faith in God. Sad to say, millions of people around the world have strongly believed that success and good luck have something to do with those superstitious beliefs. Conclusively, our successes are all relative. Meaning, that if we tend to work hard for it our fondest desires would be most likely attainable. However, there are points in our lives that despite of all our efforts we still cannot achieve what we want. Well, have we ever thought about the mysterious and magnificent works of God’s Divine Will? Why, don’t we try it?


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