The Department of Foreign Affairs is facing another challenge these days as applicants for passports are surging to extremely very high percentages and such passport demands are the leading causes of production delays of the said travel document. According to DFA Secretary Albert del Rosario, the passport demand for this year has ballooned to 2.7 million. Therefore, the House of Representatives’ budget committee hearing tries to do its best to solve the agency’s problem as soon as possible.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has an increasing passport demands.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has an increasing passport demands.

Likewise, a spokesperson of DFA has revealed that their machines are adjusting to gradually resolve this concern in the soonest possible time. Admittedly, these machines have been experiencing a so-called coping capabilities. However, its various consular offices around the world are doing its best to successfully comply with their production quota each passing day. Meanwhile, every passport applicant is being charged at Php 950. This huge amount covers the DFA’s expenses for the travel document’s application, processing and lamination.

Similarly, DFA sees another increase in production in 2015. It is estimated at 15,000 passports per day. Despite of all these problems, the Department of Foreign expects that its main supplier which is the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas will immediately think of other ways on how to address this adversity as immediately as possible. In the final analysis, these passport demands simply mean one inevitable truth.- There are still lots of Filipinos who wanted to go abroad all because they are willing to do everything for the sake of their beloved families. Essentially, the increasing passport demands universally denote the fact that the Philippines must be able to learn how to manage its economic matters flawlessly for the welfare of its citizens.

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