Suspicious package found in Stratosphere Hotel (Credit:

Suspicious package found in Stratosphere Hotel (Credit:

Las Vegas Metro police partially evacuated Stratosphere Hotel and Casino and closed streets surrounding on Las Vegas Boulevard due to suspicious package found on property on Wednesday.

Metropolitan Police Department received a call from the Casino staffs reporting on a suspicious package that raised alarm in the entire Stratosphere. Immediately, the casino and the floor above, where the pool is located, were evacuated of guests and staffs and according to Regional Transportation Commission, pedestrian traffic was shut down at about 1:30 pm (US Time) on Las Vegas Boulevard between Sahara Boulevard and East St. Louis Avenue.

The Nevada CBRNE— chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear and explosives — Task Force was also called in to take action on the scene.

The suspicious package was making strange noises that after a thoroughgoing and cautious investigation, turned out to be a backpack filled with medical supplies. A guest left it inside the lobby of right by where residents, people staying at the hotel, and guests put their bag into. It made a ticking and beeping sounds that prompted the security officers to launch immediate investigation.

In a brief interview, Metro Captain Andrew Walsh said they ought to take every precaution possible and assured those who lives and those who are planning to visit that Las Vegas is a safe place to be.

“This started because hotel security was doing their job. They saw something and they said something. We were prepared to respond to it with the resources you see out here. Come to Vegas, it’s a safe place to be and we’ll keep you safe while you’re here,” Walsh said.

The guests of the hotel and casino were confused when they were told to evacuate the place. However, they were relieved when all clear came from the Police. Some of them even say that regardless of the incident, they will continue to visit Las Vegas with confidence.

“It’s unexpected but I’m not really surprised. The cops get a call of a suspicious package, they have to investigate that and they have to be extra, extra careful,” Joe Conti, a visitor, said.

The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino welcomed guests back into the property after Metro Police secured the place and after the backpack was deemed safe. Streets reopened shortly by 3:30pm Wednesday.


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