Wars and other societal debacles are the greatest sacrifices of every nation, which dearly cost an economic regression no matter how a certain government governs a specific territory. In these days wherein terrorists are escalating immeasurable fears and psychological traumas, Syria is no exception. The ever- vigilant US forces and five of its allied countries have incredibly launched an enormous and extensive air campaign against its devilish nemesis which is nonetheless the Islamic dissidents and other extremists cliches for the very first time in global history ever since this devastating conflict had begun. Initially, the domineering strategies of US and its allied comrades have started to aim for the ISIS home-base, training camps and other essential locations in almost four provinces in Syria.

The United State forces had launched an unexpected air strike against ISIS terrorists in Syria.

The United State forces had launched an unexpected air strike against ISIS terrorists in Syria.

These reports were according to the United States government and other Syrian radical groups. Consequently, the well-orchestrated plans of US troops have paved the way for the ultimate damage of the multi-million dollar network of these jihadist who are deliberately shattering the elusive dreams millions for a long lasting freedom and an unceasing world peace once and for all. In review, these sophisticated networks had been treacherously utilized by these dark forces to easily control the vast portions of Iraq for the longest time. Aside from these strategic war zones and locations of terrorists, the Central Command of the United States has also attacked the main network of Al Qaeda veterans.

In recent years, the Khorasan group which is categorically under the flagship of Syria had somehow deterred the inevitable attack against the United States and its interests on the Western section of the much coveted territory. However, some of these sudden attacks have been unknown at this point in time. Meanwhile, both the Al Qaeda and ISIS forces had gone their separate ways because their chief in the person of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, did not follow the strict rules of engagement which states that it should only raise its armaments in Iraq no more, no less.

In other related stories, the key cities which were severely affected by these devastating air strikes are as follows: The de facto capital of ISIS, the resilient city of Raqqa and those within the surrounding territories of the previously progressive countryside. In addition, a central station where the oil depots of ISIS are found were not spared from this revengeful attack of the United States’ soldiers. These were in the provinces of Hasaka and Deir al-Zour. Consequently, the lethal domino effect of all these violences were not yet divulged by the United States government. As an overview, some of those high-powered planes and ammunitions which were used were positively identified as fighter planes, drones, cruise missiles and bombers. Of course, those expensive logistics were initially subjected to a series of battery of tests to ensure that their war related efforts, missions and strategies will be maximized to the fullest extent.

Last but not the least, these acts of violence in Syria between the ISIS and the United States in the form air strikes were more extensive as compared to Iraq during the eerie days of the Gulf War in 1990.

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