Travel destinations anywhere in the world are not as splendid and unforgettable as it should be without any affordable or expensive hotel accommodations, that tourists can possibly treat as their own haven for just a couple of days. In this regard, this travel and article highly recommends one of the newest budget hotels in Tagaytay which is no other than but the Tagaytay Haven Hotel. Descriptively, the Tagaytay Haven Hotel is not actually a luxurious place to stay whenever you are in the cold and quivering territorial bounds of Tagaytay City. It is more of a budget type of temporary shelter, which do not in any way compromise the safety and ultimate satisfaction of all its customers or clients.

The simple but elegant accommodation of Tagaytay Haven Hotel.

The simple but elegant accommodation of Tagaytay Haven Hotel.

In other words, this splendid little haven in the charismatic vacation hideaway of Tagaytay City focuses more on one single thing. The ultimate and incomparable satisfaction of whoever drops by at their very convenient location. As far as its business profile is concerned, this economical type of hotel is proudly owned by the Go Lines of Hotels. However, there is only one flawed feature that its management and staff should address. It is nonetheless those thin, and arid walls Nevertheless, we will reveal its astonishing features that you must in all excitement. Tagaytay Haven Hotel has the most inexpensive rooms. Among these accommodations are as follows: The Premiere, Executive, De Luxe and Studio hotel rooms respectively. To describe each one of these,let us do some imaginative traveling. To begin with, the De Luxe Rooms have been equipped with six rooms with single queen-sized beds each.In the same manner, these kinds of sweet haven two have two rooms with these impressive features. Nicepanoramic views, relaxing environment and the likes.

Moreover, it has an Executive Room which has 10 luxurious rooms and all have queen-sized beds of different sizes. These largely depend on the number of occupants. Also, the new and versatile Studio Room has a total of 32 rooms which are incredibly suited for your business and pleasure needs that will definitely make you and your group more interested. Below, are the different facilities and amenities that you can widely choose from the very moment that you are in Tagaytay City.

Features/ Amenities

These are what they call the standard amenities of Tagaytay Haven Hotel. that truly exemplify the timeless architectural ingenuity of the Filipinos. To name a few, we have:

  1. Each room has a satellite cable
  2. Durable cabinets and closets
  3. Free use of Wi-Fi and internet
  4. Flat-screened television sets, with high-definition resolutions for your ultimate viewing
  5. .


There are many exceptional reasons why, you should drop by at the contemporary and peaceful atmosphere of Tagaytay Haven Hotel. First and foremost, their very lowest room occupancy ranges from Php 1,980 -4,130 only. Conversely, if you are going to ask about the numerous kinds of facilities that you are about to use in the near future take a closer look at the list below:

  1. Spa Pool/li>
  2. A soothing Wat Po therapeutic massage

Getting There

The and tranquillity of Tagaytay Hotel Haven can be easily reached by taking the SLEX route along the Santa Rosa Exit. Then, go straight ahead to the Public Market of Tagaytay. Afterwards, you have to shift your vehicle to the right direction going to the city junction along the Nasugbu ,Balayan and Lemery destination points. Last but not the least; continue driving until you have finally reached the Mendez Crossing intersection. From there, shift to the right and this will lead you all the way to Tagaytay Hotel Haven at long last,

Tagaytay Hotel Haven is so naive in atmosphere. Yet, is indeed one of the most vivid reflections of the Filipinos’ way of living which is widely admired around the world. Ultimately, these ravishing reflections of elegance and prestige have exemplary defined the remarkable attitudes of tourists and commoners who are all searching for a world class vacation spree.

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