Luxurious living is the dream of every man, who toils day and night, just to make this a sweet reality. So, if you are earnestly searching for a comfy haven and a good investment as well the next best thing that you must do is to personally visit The Vineyard Residences at Twin Lakes, Tagaytay which is currently dubbed as the one and only vineyard resort community in the Philippines. The sophisticated Tagaytay Vineyards Residences heartwarmingly embraces 1,149 hectares of land and it is grandiosely designed to be a leading tourism estate in the country with medical and educational facilities all in one plush real estate development project. This was intricately developed by Megaworld Global Estate Incorporated.

The lavish and serene Tagaytay Vineyards Residences.

The lavish and serene Tagaytay Vineyards Residences.

It merely concentrates on on building a multi-million peso tourism estate in this mesmerizing archipelago of Southeast Asia. As far as their projects and noble endeavors are concerned, this fast rising real estate entity in Tagaytay primarily develops first-class tourism estate properties, as well as master planned communities which showcase those lavish and splendid lifestyles, leisure gems alongside with other exciting surprises which are optimistically perceived to significantly transform the vigorous Philippine Tourism into a gigantic economic key player in the years ahead. Amazingly, the Megaworld Global Estate Incorporated has an abundant land reservoir of approximately 3000 hectares which are all found in those strategically positioned tourism hotspots in the Philippines. Among these strategic locations are Batangas, Boracay and Tagaytay. The succeeding sections of this article will delve on how Tagaytay Vineyard Residences at Twin Lakes, will change your personal perspectives in the ever-changing sphere of financial investments and those varying ways and means of prepossessing those several and luxurious real estate properties; which will definitely provide you and your family endless enjoyments of financial freedom from generation to generation.

First and foremost, the sophisticated developmental master plan of those ostentatious and state-of-the art condominiums and other real estate properties in Vineyard Residences at Twin Lakes involves the use of a 177-hectare mixed use plan which will proudly bring to the Philippines what developers allude to as Europe’s engrossing wine-storied country. Whatever it means, it is expected to be one of the best human creations in the whole world. Briefly, these extravagant and marvelous properties have lots of shady and refreshing vine rows which beautifully play with the unpredictable changing of the seasons in the colorful passing of years. Ultimately, every elegant condominium at Vineyard Residences at Twin Lakes is an envisage of a prosperous and satisfying life as if you are on the top of the world. What are the basic features of their multi-million condominiums and residential units? Generally, their condos have 1 to 2 bedroom units depending on your personal preferences. Aside from these modern and spacious condominium units, the Vineyard Residences also has townhouses, residential villas, hotels and resort, commercial and retail stores and the likes.

Above anything else, this is the only real estate property in the Philippines which has its own vineyard. Eventually, those abundant and mouthwatering grapes will be used in the production of original Philippine-made wines which will be automatically sold in this very pompous place in the bosom of Tagaytay City. Moreover, the said captivating vineyard will be placed on a huge 177-hectare real estate property that will be harmoniously combined with a sprawling chateau, a sports club, Spa, a fairy tale- like wedding venue and a lot more.


The astonishing features of their condominiums include Those three buildings with safe and secured low-rise condominiums. One of which is the Merlot Building, which proudly showcases eight storeys with its ravishing and sellable floors.

Tagaytay Vineyards Residences has a clean and relaxing pool to invigorate you.

Tagaytay Vineyards Residences has a clean and relaxing pool to invigorate you.

Additionally, each floor of the Vineyard Residences at Twin Lakes has a total of 11 floors excluding the second floor. Thus, the latter has 15 units in its whole architectural composition. Likewise, each unit has its own private balcony. Comparatively speaking, this is really a must buy investment because if you are going to choose those residential units on the second floor you and your family will truly enjoy your precious bonding moments together in your especially-created pocket garden. Also, if you think that these are all that you can get from Tagaytay Twin Lakes Vineyard Residences you are surely missing a lot.

The third floor of this most innovative real estate property of the century will soon have a wonderful and spellbinding skylight. These are only some of the outrageous highlights of Tagaytay Vineyards Residences. So, don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a decent and yet an affordable property of your choice before it’s too late.


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