In the mystifying realms of parapsychology, there is another complex area of this controversial pseudoscience which makes most people so engrossed in trying because of their strong and unwavering belief, that their respective destinies can be magically predicted by those colorful and quite significant deck of cards which are to be interpreted in turn by those those individuals who have a thorough and yet extraordinary knowledge about tarot card reading, in its strictest sense. Across the globe, there are millions of people who simply do things out of fad and curiosity. They usually consult these esoteric divinations without even having the time and pleasure of discovering the basic foundations and mechanisms of these so-called “paradigms of parapsychology”. As a result, the writer of this article wants to share with everyone the primal philosophical core of this very interesting sphere of knowing one’s unpredictable destiny to perhaps, a more predictable one. Firstly, have you ever asked yourself what is tarot card reading in its own holistic conceptual framework? To answer this perplex human query, let the subsequent paragraphs of this extremely detailed write-up do the talking.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are some of the most popular forms of fortune reading mediums that are commonly used by popular psychics the world over.

Brief History of Tarot Card Reading

During those ancient years, these cards that were commonly employed in tarot card reading had initially conquered the splendid vastness of Europe way back in the 14th century. Actually, these attractive tarot cards were believed to have originally emanated from Mamluk, Egypt. Therefore, some of the most prolific clothes of those humble characters in tarot cards are essentially reflected in these controversial fortune seers of all time. Moreover, based on the accurate documentations of parapsychology its first set of cards were created between the years of 1430 and 1450, in these countries: Milan, Bologna and Ferrara which are all found in the northernmost section of Italy.

Accordingly, these unexpected chain of events had suddenly transpired when some decks of tarot cards with allegorical depictions; were curiously added to what those early descendants of paranormal history refer to as the “four-suit pack”. Thus, the original decks of cards for tarot card reading purposes are universally referred to as “carte de trinofi”. On the contrary, the other decks of tarot cards were then alluded to as “trinofi” aka trumps. Meanwhile the first-ever existence of tarot cards were specifically contained in a written statement which was previously found in the famous repositories of the honorable Court of Florence in the year 1440. Conversely, the most antiquated and surviving group of tarot cards in world history has 15-fragmented decks which were artistically painted during the mid years of the 15th century.

Where Did The Word Tarot Come From?

Just like it’s exemplary manner of revealing one’s future, the word “tarot” has no definite or exact etymology. However, there are many varying theoretical assumptions in relation to this particular unearthed confabulatory precedent. To date, this worth exploring five-letter word was once closely associated with the ineffable River of Taro. On the other hand, some people claimed that it came from an Arabic word, which means “turuq” or ways.


Each of these tarot cards, have pictograms and their corresponding titles, which in turn pertain to certain concepts. As far as its belief systems are concerned, these are unmistakably revelatory in nature. Meaning, whatever types of card that a particular client have freely chosen; their distinctive and significant meaning must be accurately relayed to that person; regardless of its innate interpretation by a given fortune teller. Insofar as its occult and mystic uses are concerned, these tarot cards were utilized during the advent of the 18th and 19th centuries so to speak.

Looking back, this viral cultural tradition all started when Antoine Court de Gebelin, had openly published “Le Monde Primitif”, a speculative area of study which had integrated those unique religious symbolisms. Along this juncture, he had marvelously surmised that the definite symbolisms of Tarot de Marseille had dearly represented the unknown mysteries of Thot and Isis. More so, he had found out that these paraphernalia for fortune reading matters perfectly prepares a person to a blissful road towards the unceasing attainment of wisdom.


If you are going to subject yourself to a tarot card reading session, please do have in mind that it provides the following advantages according to those tarot card practitioners who have reiterated that tarot card reading is not fortune telling perse. But, it is more of a qualitative set of insights in consonance with the different events or situations in your life. Likewise, tarot card reading serves as a guide when most of us are at the crossroads of making the most crucial decisions in our lives. Lat but not the least, it follows the intuition of the tarot card reader himself or even YOU alone. Above anything else, tarot card reading is one of the most amazing masterpieces of human ingenuity in order for us to have a broader spectrum and understanding of our temporal existence, most especially of our vulnerable affective states.

To conclude, though many avid disciples of tarot card reading around the globe have asserted that this is not a kind of fortune telling, they should constantly have in mind that there is no better way to assess nor gauge the ways of man but, to rely on our own God-given instincts; no more no less. We must not let these man-made tarot cards unconsciously govern our volitions, that could sometimes lead to numerous bouts of depression if the readings of these dubious tarot cards are to be taken seriously by some fanatics of this widely-recognized form of occultism.


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