Every famous or seasoned artist has the right to make the crucial and major career choices of which he or she thinks is appropriate to improve a certain stature that no one can ever dare to replicate. In this regard, Taylor Swift has somehow shocked the whole music industry when she suddenly decided to shift to a different career path. In one of most daring and rarest performances, Swift did not hesitate to alluringly crawl under a row of women who all wore denim cutoffs. The said magnificent production number was in consonance with the grandiose promotion of the Shake It Off video, which was a part of her newest album, 1989.

Taylor Swift tries to reinvent her-self as a pop star sensation with strict moral conventions.

Taylor Swift tries to reinvent her-self as a pop star sensation with strict moral conventions.

At a glance, while their beautiful and voluptuous butts wiggled onstage, many observers had noticed that Taylor was a bit disappointed for some unknown reasons. Simply because, this kind music genre was not her cup of tea. In other words, it was presumed by many that she does not want to be labeled as a pop star who has been transcended as such; but she will be compelled to bare some skin to passionately create a stir among its live and intrigued spectators. On the other hand, the pop star image that she wanted to create is something which is more conventional in everything. Essentially,the passionate element of provocation is not included in her newest image these days. Also, her moralistic principles and ideals are very much evident during the release of her fifth studio album last Monday. Incidentally, this newly- launched album was entitled as such because she was born in 1989.

More so, it is basically a close resemblance to the era wherein some hits in those days were much easier to dance to and intricately comprehend. In review, 1989 can be aptly described as bright and too shiny to look at. As far as the album contents are concerned, the 1989 the songs are more generic than the usual genres of Swift. Simply, this is a total departure from a more personal touch which remarkably distinguishes the uniquene of her voice without going overboard on every multifarious facet of her admirable talent.

Above anything else, her soon to be phenomenal single is universally impeccable inside and out. On the contrary, the catchy aspect of the single was somewhat put on the sideline. Nevertheless, if you are going to intently listen to the song every intimate and general detail had been laid out so flawlessly. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift has magnificently given justice to one beautiful creation which is no other than but the album’s opening song, Welcome To New York. To date, this song characterizes itself as a mass-oriented song. To know more about it, there’s no need to explain on how you are going to do about it. All you have to do is to buy this album and let Taylor Swift put you into the groove of fun, passion, adventure and love.

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