Science was once again left dumbfounded, when a free-spirited and young teenager had resurrected after drowning and was pronounced dead for over 45 minutes. The said unfortunate incident happened during the joyous celebration of the Martin Luther King Day, a few months back. According to reports, three teenagers were having a great time at the dual lakes in the City of St. Louis, Missouri, USA when all of them suddenly fell from a huge mass of ice.

Lake St. Louise

Lake St. Louise

After the incident, one of the victims had made it to the shore prior to the arrival of a rescue team while the other was able to cling on the ice which surrounded the lake in order to survive. However, one of the boys named John Smith was missing and nowhere to be found right after the accident. Meanwhile, the authorities had found out that this boy who was presumed lifeless was under the spine tingling waters with ice all around him. According to authorities, John was no longer breathing and had no pulse when they found him. Rescuers tried to revive him while he is being rushed to St. Joseph Hospital. The boy was proclaimed dead after a series of attempt to revive him.

John’s mother was devastated upon hearing the news. She rushed to her son’s lifeless body and prayed fervently to God asking to send his holy spirit and save his son from death. To her surprise, John’s pulse had miraculously restored. Everyone was shocked in awe including Dr. Sutterer.

John’s resurrection and the entire spectacle itself was a bonafide miracle. John Smith resurrects miraculously because God wants him to realize that if you have faith, the impossible can happen.

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