The noble and selfless act of giving to others, is next to sanctity. This remarkable conclusion can be aptly attributed to a 17-year-old teen in China who has devised an extraordinary website just to promote the genuine essence of philanthropy among his peers and classmates in his school. Tong Shangyuan, who is an exceptional student in a learning institution that is duly accredited by the Renmin University of China further believes that a simple act of generosity can gradually create a major difference in their respective communities. Further, he disclosed that the main objective of his unique and interesting portal is to act as an instrumental platform to his fellow students and their respective parents to actively promote and organize some activities in relation to charitable deeds.

The noble act of philanthropy is a tough act to follow

The noble act of philanthropy is a tough act to follow.

Primarily, this newly-established philanthropy website in China has 13 subject matters which include news about charity, the freedom in sharing one’s opinions and a lot more. According to China’s leading broadsheet, The China Daily, this humble teen was so inspired after his visit to the main headquarters of Microsoft in 2013. From that unforgettable scenario, he saw former Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and his loving wife Melissa of being so much engrossed in helping the underprivileged through their foundation, the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation.

Speaking of his own family background, Tong Shangyuan him-self belongs to the lowest income bracket of their society. Nevertheless, he passionately wants to extend a helping hand to the poorest of the poor. Remarkably, the inner promptings of philanthropy is getting too frenzy and sophisticated but its altruistic value never changes.

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