This year, numerous plane crashes have claimed numerous lives in the last few months. The latest one happened in Tehran. The fateful Tehran plane crash killed all 48 passengers. This was according to the numerous newswires in the said country. Specifically, the plane was positively identified as the Antov-140 propeller plane According to verified reports, it went down a few seconds after leaving the runway of Mehrabad International Airport. Based on its initial investigation, it was due to an engine failure. Apart from these casualties, it has been said that the tragic incident has brought about injuries to some people on ground level. These included factory workers in a nearby firm as well. Some of them suffered from burns. According to documented accounts which were reported to FARS, the tail of this ill-fated plane fell from the sky while its other disintegrated parts were found several distances away from the scene of the tragic incident.

This was the aftermath of the Tehran plane crash.

This was the aftermath of the Tehran plane crash.

However, there were some reports that this sudden airborne accident had some survivors as reported by the Islamic Republic News Agency. On the other hand, there were other reports that claimed that 38 passengers had died instantly; whereas at least 10 were injured and they were immediately transferred to a nearby hospital. Along this line, the Civil Aviation Authority had said that among the passengers of the Tehran plane crash were infants. Also, there were children whose ages were below 12.

Prior to the plane’s crash, the pilot had already detected some technical glitches on the said plane. As he attempted to do some safety moves it was very unfortunate that the twin-engined turbo propeller had crashed at exactly 9:00 A.M. In other developments, the black box of the plane has yet to be found. The Tehran plane crash investigation will continue until such time that the black box is located.

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