The competitive world of sports can never be as colorful as a rainbow without a victory, that has been sweetly attained through a crucial overtime. Texas A&M had prevailed over the Hogs with its star player, Kenny Hill as the catalytic factor who led their team towards the attainment of a winning streak that can never surpassed by any football team as of this time. To give you a rundown of how it all happened, read on the full story. After landing on two major touchdowns, Malcome Kennedy had a 25-yard score on the first play.

Texas A&M made a remarkable victory over the Hogs in overtime.

Texas A&M made a remarkable victory over the Hogs in overtime.

This strategy happened in overtime. More so, Julien Obioha has made the game to be more exciting when he engulfed with a defensive stop that was truly remarkable from the point it was executed. Meanwhile, Johnny Menizel was on the top of the situation for the Cleveland Browns. Likewise, he also acted as a motivating key for the Aggies to excellently improve their 5-0 standing since 2001. Just like any player, he provided his teammates the inspiring words most particularly for Hill. According to Hill him-self,

He was just kind of trying to get us pumped. He was doing the same thing, telling me, You got this. You got this. Go lead this team down there. And then right after the game he was saying, Great game! I love you, bro.

During the Texas A&M game with the Hogs they had trailed with a score of 28-14 before Hill was able to feed Edward Pope for an 86-yard pass when Jared Collins fell down and has left the one and only receiver to run all by him-self in all aggressiveness and tenacity. As Hill earnestly searched for someone to do a major breakdown to clinch a sure win, alas! he found Josh Reynolds. He tied the game at 59-yard TD with more than two minutes left in the game.

In other developments, Texas A&M had the once in a lifetime chance to end the game in regulation. Then, they got the ball with exactly one minute and eighteen seconds left. To prove that Texas A&M can beat the odds to beat their opponent under pressure their determined coach never asked for timeout. Texas A&M’s coach in the person of Kevin Sumlin, he beamingly said.

In order to win a game like that, it takes a complete team. Every phase had its poor moments in the first half. Offensively, we were a beat off. Defensively, we gave up some big plays, and special teams, we gave up a fake. Our defense stopped them not just in overtime, but on the last couple series.

During a breathtaking overtime, had a four in one roll. Then, the nerve-shaking handoff to Alex Collins was made. Successfully, he had finished with 131 yards. However, he got preempted by Obioha. In the final analysis, the big run by Hill has made all the difference for the fabulous and legendary Texas A&M without reservations.

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