Depression and an uncontrolled emotional outrage were perhaps the ultimate causes of an Alabama shooting rampage, which claimed the lives of three people including the gunman him-self. Based on verified reports, the suspect was fired out of his job from a firm known as UPS. After he had received that bitter news, he did not waste any time in doing an act of revenge which had resulted into the death of innocent people inside a warehouse. The said heartbreaking incident happened last Tuesday morning.

This is the 45-year old suspect of the Alabama shooting rampage, which killed three people.

This is the 45-year old suspect of the Alabama shooting rampage, which killed three people.

The lone gunman was positively identified as Joe Tesney who is 45 years of age. It was very unfortunate that he killed him-self just a few seconds after he shot at point blank those persons who just wanted to enjoy life like anyone of us. Meanwhile, the shocking incident was reported to the police authorities at around 9:21 in the morning. The gruesome Alabama shooting rampage had taken place at the shipping center of Birmingham. Joe Tesney is a family man with two lovable children. Previously, the helpless and downtrodden man had tried his best to keep his job by issuing an urgent appeal to his superiors. However, luck and destiny was not in favor of him. Despite of this unbearable scenario, the triggering factor as to why he was kicked out of his job was still a big mystery as of this time.

Those people who were mercilessly killed in the Alabama shooting rampage were all found inside the warehouse which is just located near the building and its offices. Reports had it that those employees were simply enjoying their jobs. Hence, they were clueless that death will come along their way with just a single bullet. In fact, some people had said.

When they came to work today, they had no idea it would be their last day alive on earth.

Conversely, there were no other injuries involved in this senseless shooting rampage in Alabama. Still, the motive behind this kind of murder has yet to be established firmly by police authorities. Conclusively, the main suspect of the Alabama shooting rampage was somewhat more aggressive in getting the kind of justice that he presumably deserved, just a day after he suffered the most excruciating blow in his whole lifetime. In this regard, only God can rightfully render the wisest judgment on Joe Tesney. Psychologically, it has been proven time and again that the unceasing bouts with depression can lead to a more serious crime like this one. Therefore, company owners should always take into consideration the psychological make up of any employee to perfectly ensure that harmony and peace will reign in their respective workplaces.

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