The interesting and magnificent physiological makeup of a human anatomy is one of the most incredible gifts of God to mankind. It allows us to move and control our feelings and daily routines in a snap. Moreover, its splendid symmetry of coordination in terms of our other body parts is such a wonderful masterpiece that nobody can ever replicate. But, what if our very versatile and unbelievable human cognition falters so suddenly when we reach the age of 25? Based on a recent scientific research, our brain starts to melt when we have already come to the crossroads of our lives during our late 20’s. Likewise, if it has gone through a lot of major transformations. If this happens, its peak state will never be the same again.

This was the shocking conclusive finding of the PLoS One, which was published last week. The formidable team of researches was led by Joseph Thompson, a psychology researcher. The said research study was conducted at the Simon Fraser University in Canada. In the said controversial experiment, their goal-driven team has monitored and observed the cognitive performance of 3,305 subjects whose ages are between 16 to 44 years of age. To begin with, the experimental subjects have been requested to play the nerdy real-time strategy computer game StarCraft 2. Upon the successful completion of the said computer-inspired game, here’s what they have significantly found out. Using a piecewise regression analysis, we find that age-related slowing of within-game, self-initiated response times begins at 24 years of age. In other words, older players took longer to respond to new visual playing conditions before taking action. And, according to the study, it was a significant performance deficit, which likely has consequences even outside abstruse digital space wars.

Research scientists have recently found out that the human brain slows down at a certain age level.

Research scientists have recently found out that the human brain slows down at a certain age level.

On the contrary, this particular study about one’s human cognition, did not concentrate on the biological causes of this very alarming problem. But, the brilliant authors of this widely circulated journal have their own sets of probable causes and triggering factors as to the main reason why our brain is at its lowest to metabolically respond that way whenever a person has finally come to age. Unanimously, they have commented that it might be due to the ratios of our brain as they drastically modify them-selves through those active brain compounds which are the following: N-acetylaspartate (NAA) to choline (Cho). Finally, experts have said that

The veneer of stable competence in mid-life masks genuine adult development; cognitive-motor decline begins even in the midst of continuing brain growth,” Rather than stability, we have lifelong flux. Carpe diem.

Although much have been said about the limitations of our human cognition, the next best thing to do right now is to take good care of it by means of providing it with proper and good nutrition, adequate rest and by doing some brain enhancement exercises like meditation and attending seminars which will teach us how to use our brain more effectively and the likes. Most importantly, we must always eliminate the element of stress in our daily life.

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