Technological innovations have remarkably set another trending milestone in the complex world of utmost convenience and superb modernity. Just recently, Facebook has paid a hefty amount of $2-billion to Google in order to brilliantly transform the awe-inspiring arena of virtual reality into a more transcending metamorphosis of scientific research and development. As a result, Google has overwhelmingly impressed the pioneering honchos of Facebook with just a few pieces of magnets and cardboard respectively. Innovatively, this would be known across globe as the Cardboard Project.

Based on significant research studies of Google Tech30, it has already divulged some outrageous developments insofar as those amazing updates on Android softwares are concerned. This was interestingly learned by those people who had cordially attended the annual developers’ conference last Wednesday. In that very successful event, hundreds of people were so astonished by the unbelievable advantages of cardboards which were tremendously made into beautiful goggles. Don’t look now, because it is indeed true. Simply because, they are not just like those ordinary goggles that you might have tried before during your most exciting underwater expeditions. Actually, these easy to use accessories are specially meant for those stylish Android phones so as to provide the basic and incomparable features of a totally diverse rendezvous with virtual reality.

The remarkable and splendid world of virtual reality has been made Google with extreme uniqueness.

The remarkable and splendid world of virtual reality has been made Google with extreme uniqueness.

Descriptively, the ever-evolving sphere of the so-called virtual reality has been making waves in and around the inexpressible tech world. As previously mentioned, Facebook has optimistically gambled on the said colossal innovation to wholly take possession of a popular VR firm which is dubbed as Oculus.

The Mechanism Behind the Cardboard Project Virtual Reality

How does Google’s Cardboard Project? Well, it is as simple as preparing your favorite dish. To start off, the contraption of this fabulous gadget has been automatically folded into place so as to make a versatile viewfinder. It has a specially made slot to insert your smartphone. Then, all you need to do is to start up the Cardboard Android app and you are all set to experience another timeless journey with your own virtual reality.

Thus, once you have run the humble cardboard app you will have to make use of its built-in magnet sliders to smoothly navigate from one app to another. This has to be done by your smartphone’s magnetometer. Last but not the least, this electrifying virtual reality apparatus allows you to watch your favorite YouTube videos, engage your-self in a space travel and a lot more. Now, isn’t it nice to know that a piece of cardboard can now do the impossible?

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