Wireless gadgets most particularly your simple to sophisticated mobile phones, have been found out to contain those dangerous types of radiation that might endanger the lives of pregnant women across the world. Gladly, the BabySafe Project was born to primarily promote a dynamic and strong public awareness campaign against the ill-effects of gadget-related radiations in our midst today. This is a newly-launched organization, which is duly composed of internationally-acclaimed doctors, non-profit organizations as a wwll as those dedicated experts about scientific innovations and studies. According to these people, the newly-founded BabySafe Project has varying objectives in general so as to propagate about the different and lethal effects of extreme Wi-Fi usage most predominantly on the part unborn children.

The BabySafe Project aims to inform pregnant women about the lethal dangers of radiation.

The BabySafe Project aims to inform pregnant women about the lethal dangers of radiation.

According to the recent findings of BabySafe Project, the thermal radiation of wireless gadgets affects the formative months of a certain fetus for a given period of time. Among its ill-effects are poor memory and hyperactivity syndrome. Worst all, it could eventually result to brain damage. To resolve, here are some of the steps that should be religiously undertaken to avoid such dangerous exposures to radiations.

Hints to Avoid Gadget-Induced Radiation

Based on the extensive conclusions of BabySafe Project, here are the different ways and means to prevent the negative effects of radiation on your unborn child. These are:

  1. During your pregnancy, do not carry your mobile phone inside your bra.
  2. Do not hold the gadget against your body, if you are going to use it.
  3. Make use of an air tube headset.
  4. Kick off the habit of using any gadget, inside an elevators, trains and cars.
  5. Do not place your cordless gadgets near the area where you sleep.
  6. Use only your Wi-Fi feature when you download. Otherwise, you should deactivate it for the safety your baby.

Indeed, the BabySafe Project, is one of most credible and trusted health organization that will easily make us aware that radiations are too destructive to our overall health and well-being regardless of our current health condition.

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