Cinematic excellence has undeniably flourished to a new hype and an undaunted level of perfection, right after the birth of Filipino independent films. These films are characterized as a byproduct of a featured flick, which is totally and successfully done in the external premises of a major film studio. Simply, the word independent film is created and distributed by the subsidiaries of gigantic film studios in a given country. Distinctively, these flicks are characterized by their unique styles and impressive plots.

A series of beautiful Filipino indie films.

A series of beautiful Filipino indie films.

This means to say, that these are the filmmaker’s personal and artistic predispositions which beautifully come to life. As far as its advantages are concerned, these motion pictures do not require a multi-million-peso budget unlike the other famous films in Hollywood. Marketing wise, this is being tagged as films which have limited release dates. This means to say that these creative mediums of visual arts are being shown in selected theatres only. Just the same, their socially relevant embodiments are never lost in oblivion. Although Pinoy indie films are not so popular among the youngsters of today, these have deservingly earned different international acclaims; that turned out to be a point of amazing interest. Likewise, these kinds of films which based on the perceptions of the legends and producers in the Filipino film industry are too in demand in terms of production as compared to mainstream movies over the years. Above anything else Brillante Mendoza had revitalized the dying enigma of Pinoy-inspired indie films through a legendary advocacy of producing quality films in the Philippine with a limited financial backings from its small but persevering producers. In essence, the secret success ingredients of Filipino independent films are the following: Conceptualizing, writing the script and shoot the film as soon as possible. In addition, these films are the motivational basis of Filipino ingenuity with pivotal and catalytic features without reservations.

Also, this has to possess a shaking element in order to be characterized as such. a Filipino independent film has scarcity in the utilization of exterior and location shooting requisites. Meaning, this is a kind of visual art which exhibits an overwhelming emphasis on fruitful and significant conversations, exciting or amazing special effects, which are geared toward the consistency of their tight budgetary requisites. Thus, independent films are easily identified by platforming. In this situation, it involves the advertising and promotional machineries of a given indie movie. In turn, they must have the capacity of both the selective versus saturation distribution schemes, to make them more viable and globally competitive. Just the same, these are the types of films which have limited prints for screening purposes. Logically, these are flicks which are screened and previewed in small theatres or art-houses theatres. Indie films can be categorically classified as such if these theatrical presentations can easily make money without external sources. More so, thee works of art must be able to refuse concessions. Thus, its much needed test of viability must include those genres which can be aptly suitable for children, too. Their themes must inculcate the values of nationalism, patriotism, honesty and the priceless value of education. Once these indie film themes are made, there is no shadow of a doubt that these independent and short films would be able to effortlessly win the hearts and minds of youngsters.

Evidently, mainstream and independent films are both the circulatory and respiratory systems of Philippine Cinema. Therefore, they must forget about their individualized categorizations or attributions. After all, they have one common denominators.. To entertain, promote the impeccable talent and echoing geniality of Filipino filmmakers. Conclusively, these miraculous mediums of visual art should not be treated as two separate entities of the modern day Philippine Cinema. Instead, the diverse chemistries of these movies must be closely knitted together, with the selfless intent of solidifying the backbone of the Filipino film industry regardless of budgetary issues and constraints. Film enthusiasts should always bear in mind that film production is not all about money. It is coupled with nobility and brilliance which can never be equated with millions.

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