On November 4, 2014, a magnanimous and yet critical political judgment is at hand. In Florida, re-electionist Republican Governor Rick Scott has unanimously won a tight race for the said post against a staunch democrat in the person of Charlie Crist. Officially the climactic election results in Florida has significantly found out that Scott was able to garner almost 48 percent of the estimated total of the voting population. On the other hand, Crist was only a percentage behind the expected victor for Florida’s much coveted seat for governorship.

The climactic 2014 elections for governorship in Florida was unanimously won by reelectionist, Rick Scott.

The climactic 2014 elections for governorship in Florida was unanimously won by reelectionist, Rick Scott.

As far as the other election highlights are concerned, it was really a close rivalry between the highly popular election bets versus the not so famous ones. It was amusingly described as a fangate simply because, the proclaimed winner did not come up on stage for about seven minutes because his closest rival had an electronic fan. As he said, it was merely a violation of electoral rules. In other developments, the much awaited 2014 election results in Florida were filled with so much political grandstanding and character assassinations as Scott continued to personally attack Crist on his varying political lapses in terms of accountability and on the primal aspect of governance. Specifically, Governor Scott had cited his nemesis poor performance as former governor of the said state. On the part of Scott, his political detractors had keenly observed that the re-elected Florida governor had capitalized more on his humble and melancholic pasts rather than on major issues which had bitterly beset the State of Florida through the years.

One of which, were those vicious cycles of economic struggles which had gravely affected many poor families who are living in the said state of economic impoverishment. Likewise, his worst political critics had cited a sensational controversy which implicated Rick Scott prior to the scheduled midterm elections. An impending investigation about an alleged Medicare fraud was held soon after Governor Scott had graciously vacated his most sensitive position as a chief executive of a health care provider so to speak. As for his job creations agenda are concerned, Crist had personally lamented during a campaign sortie that the Republican had supposedly granted the huge chunks of tax breaks to those prominent bigwigs in the business sector who failed to fulfill their promises of providing much better and decent jobs for millions of Americans.

Ultimately, Crist had also openly criticized the kind of lifestyle which Scott is continuously enjoying as he said during the last stretch of the campaign that

If you’re somebody like Rick Scott, and you have a private jet and you fly 30,000 feet above people all the time, or you live in an oceanfront mansion, you’re out of touch, and you’re not feeling what people who are watching tonight are feeling at home.

Long before the historic election results in Florida had been known, both camps had an estimated electoral spending of $80 million each on political ads alone. This was according to The Wesleyan Media Project. Polls. At the end of the day, Governor Rick Scott had dominantly ruled the Florida elections without a shadow of a doubt.

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