Hong Kong societal mainstream has really changed a lot. Protests have become of one their daily integrals for the quest of a social change, that is dynamic and ever transcending in all of the most essential facets of progress and development. Those rallies and vigils have began last Friday and had gone worse as of Sunday. To date, there were uncontrollable acts of civil disobedience by those people who have firmly believed that their civil rights are not prioritized by the Hong Kong government. On the part of the present administration a widespread police crackdown is one of the best measures that could preempt an irreparable destruction of social order which has been preserved since Hong Kong was first discovered as a sovereign territory. As the authorities were trying their best to maintain law and order, many of those radical rallyists were asserting their liberal rights to a greater extent.

Hong Kong's protest rallies are radically fighting for the full restoration of freedom and democracy.

Hong Kong’s protest rallies are radically fighting for the full restoration of freedom and democracy.

Looking at the situation with an intelligent perspective, HK is no facing a very crucial dilemma and perhaps, this is one of the most chaotic phases of the country particularly in their once stable and notable political landscape. Maybe, millions of our readers worldwide are wondering as to why HK is on the verge of having a political plague that can severely affect its national interests and economy as a whole. This was all due to the fact the Central government of Beijing is allegedly curtailing their inherent rights as citizens. Ultimately, an uncertain standoff between HK and China will make things even worse than before. On Wednesday, student leaders marched down the major thoroughfares of Hong Kong to strongly protest the China’s newest agenda to railroad the 2017 elections in HK. Secondly, seems to have totally forgotten its promise to grant the autonomous territory in HK of what they termed as full democracy.

HK’s socio-political turmoil had gone worst, when a group that mysteriously address them-selves as Occupy has planned a civil disobedience this coming October 1. This is connection to the celebration of the founding of the communist movement in China. Last Friday, these courageous rallyists had peacefully held a program at the forecourt of the headquarters of HK’s city government. When the police authorities tried to contain the situation, countless of HK residents had gone out in the streets to join those radical citizens in fighting for what they think is best for the welfare of the majority and the country as a whole. Police had used some tear gas to drive those rallyists away and eventually attain a kind of social order that connotes a simple way of life for millions of Hong Kong residents.

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