Have you ever dared to ride a deadly vessel that was not maneuvered by a licensed sea captain? Of course, the common reply would be a negative one. But wait. there was once a beautiful and sexy lady who was once terribly victimized by a red and male dwarf whose mysterious name is “Don Baoy” Based on my actual paranormal encounter with the mischievous and tenacious Don Baoy, he had fallen head over heels in love with Xandra who was then a high school student in one of the leading public schools somewhere in Quezon City. As a result. he was constantly pestering this intelligent and kind girl regardless of a given time and date for two long years. Here is a short story as to how their immortal love affair all began. On the 14th day of February, 1991 Xandra went to their library to do some research works about Filipino folktales and short stories for their English class. While she was sorting some reference books, a little but frightening voice called her name and said. “Xandra, come to me.” “I have something to tell you.”

These are the armory of dwarves who had taken Xandra to a mysterious sea vessel.

These are the armory of dwarves who had taken Xandra to a mysterious sea vessel.

When the terrified young lady heard this voice from nowhere, she immediately went to the magazine section of their library. There, she found a deadly vessel which has an embossed inscription and it reads. M/V Don Baoy. Afterwards, she tried to rub her eyes gently with her pink and petite handkerchief. Still, the tremendous architectural structure was there. When she tried to approach the deadly vessel, a quivering wind howled before her. After a few seconds, a red dwarf with golden-colored clothes appeared before her and said these loving and tender words. “I am Don Baoy”. “On this lucky day of mine, I want you to be my wife”. Xandra began to cry incessantly. To escape, she headed towards the main door of the library but it got automatically locked without apparent reason at all.


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