The thrills and adventures of finding a place on where to spend a much needed respite from your hectic work schedule is literally not an easy undertaking to do. Travels and all other leisure activities must be planned according to your budget and specific needs. In other words, if you really want to have a more memorable sojourn with your family it is highly recommended that you should visit the captivating Mount Manalmon. This lush and towering mountain is geographically situated in Barangay Sibul, Sitio Madlum, San Miguel Bulacan, Philippines.

This is the inexpressible beauty and splendor of Mount Manalmon in Bulacan.

This is the inexpressible beauty and splendor of Mount Manalmon in Bulacan.

Experienced and multifarious travelers who have been to the endearing Mount Manalmon has described this splendid natural resource as an ideal vacation paradise for hikers who belong under the beginners category. Simply because, its estimated height is only 196 meters above sea level. Imagine this. At the onset of your mountain trekking, you will pass by another magnificent tourist attraction which is named as Cave Madlum and the refreshing Manalmon River among others. Now, for you to reach the summit of this towering and sultry mountain all you need to do is to be physically fit because you are about to do the most tedious climb for about two hours to the very least.

At Mount Manalmon, there is a serene and safe campsite near the relaxing river where you can swim and do some cliff diving for as long as you want. Suggestively, here are the most enjoyable activities that you can do while you are spellbound by the hidden verbosity of this gratifying tourist attraction. Among them are the following: Spelunking, picture taking, do your meditation rituals or just being one with Mother Nature.

To get there, every interested traveler can easily reach Mount Manalmon by driving all the way to Camias in San Miguel Bulacan. For your utmost convenience, take those buses going to Cabanatuan. In case that you have already reached the sweet- scented place called Camias, you can hire a tricycle and then just instruct the driver to take you to Barangay Sibul, Sitio Madlum.

There is no better way to wholeheartedly thank Mother Nature, than to visit her most beautiful treasures like Mount Manalmon where beauty and adventure never ends.

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