The Eternal Reminder of Sanctifying Oneself

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Our fast-changing world is filled with so much complexities, that are sometimes difficult to understand. Trials, personal and family problems, rifts or misunderstandings between two or more people and the likes. Due to these inevitable circumstances, we tend to forget about God and all of those small or huge blessings that He had lovingly bestowed upon us. Unfortunately, the author of this mind boggling write-up is no exception. To explain more further, read this funny story about her miraculous Santo Nino and how He was able to make an eternal reminder for this handicapped writer to prioritize her spirituality more than anything else; in her busy life nowadays. Read on.

He mysteriously reminded the author of this article to prioritize Him above anything else.

He mysteriously reminded the author of this article to prioritize Him above anything else.

Last Sunday, while she was browsing and doing some article drafts simultaneously a mysterious incident happened to her. The frequency of her radio set had suddenly changed. Yes. she was not in a state of hallucination. Did you know what exactly happened? The frequency of her favorite station suddenly became an AM band; rather than an FM type of frequency. Afterwhich, a taped rosary audio was tearfully heard. Consequently, she cannot even explain how it all happened. Then, she had started to think about the things that she usually does, when she was still a child. Due to this eternal reminder, she had to start all over again, by praying the rosary for just a couple of minutes.

Going back, God wants her to realize that the immense power of rejuvenating our spiritual lives is more essential rather than doing nothing during those idle hours. Thinking that it was a joke from her own viewpoint, she has given this adorable infant Jesus another chance to effectively propagate God’s everlasting Will to everyone through the holy act of praying for this nation without any shadow of a doubt.

Indeed, God is a perfect teacher and adviser to each one of us. To resolve, we must fill our lives with those prayers that can make us most worthy to become His children no matter what it takes. That is an eternal reminder which resembles our faithful covenant with Him now and forevermore.


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