The Philippines nowadays is in an economic turmoil, which seems to be so difficult to comprehend as to why these things are happening to a Third World territory like her. However, there is somewhat an a totally silly economic irony which needs to be addressed as immediately as possible. It is no other than but the inherent attitude of some people of overspending without apparent reasons. In this regard, this informative article would like to impart to you an interesting Pinoy psychology in relation to the subject matter of senseless splurging up to the last cent.

Some Filipinos just like this woman in the picture, thinks the other way around about overspending.

Some Filipinos just like this woman in the picture, thinks the other way around about overspending.

Why Overspending is Common Among Filipinos?

Based on the different scientific and psychological findings of the experts, here are some of the major reasons why overspending among a good number of Filipinos is a part of their daily living most specially among the rich and famous. Are you ready to discover and analyze each one of them? Read on.

  • Bandwagoning System– This debilitating cultural belief among Filipinos is simply all about a fad of hysteria. Meaning, they tend to irrationally resort to overspending if a certain gadget or accessory is fashionably in.
  • Love or desire for Signatured items– Most Filipinos are fond of spending their money on branded food and clothing, because these items regardless of their prices connote a kind of social prestige that money cannot buy. On the other hand, there are some Pinoys who simply wanted to purchase these expensive items because of their compulsive behavior to spend.
  • Wrong Connotation of Self- Entitlement.-This is most applicable to spoiled brats who had been preconditioned that they can get whatever their heart desires for.
  • Emotional Spending– Emotional spending is being done by people who have traumatic experiences or those individuals who are being confronted with insurmountable trials in life.
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In summary, it can be perfectly deduced that overspending is a form of defense mechanism that is being used to hurdle all the odds and life’s challenges without consciously hurting oneself.

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