The Greatest Miracle of All-Time

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God cannot withheld His overwhelming happiness during the Feast Day of the Divine Mercy. He thanked millions by exhibiting the greatest miracle of all-time. He amazingly made the sun dance, as if there was no tomorrow. Indeed, God can do signs and wonders that science had unfortunately failed to explain a million times over. To the amazement of those people, they had incessantly thanked and praised the Lord with all their hearts and souls. This incredible scenario made me realized one thing.- He owns this world and nothing can be claimed as ours. This video will openly reveal that we are nothing in this thing we call Life

During the Feast Day of the Divine Mercy, the sun gracefully danced in all gladness.

During the Feast Day of the Divine Mercy, the sun gracefully danced in all gladness.

Many people would say, that this is what they call as a scientific phenomenon. Perhaps. it was. But, there is something more behind these supernatural occurrences. We must nourish and fill our spiritual lives with a kind of intimacy that goes beyond the realms of human existence. Look at this objective reality. Why do scientists and doctors die despite of the fact that they had come to discover all the medical breakthroughs that man has never failed to apply despite of bitter fact that each one of us will soon face His eternal and everlasting countenance?

None of the most brilliant people on the face of the earth had ever dared to answer this mysterious question. In life, not all are theories and scientific facts. The bottomline of our existence here is this. Have we ever fulfilled His Divine Will during our short stint on earth? Forgiveness, unconditional love, full trust of trust and confidence in His Divine plan and most importantly, how did we respond to all the trials and adversities that come our way? Frankly, if your answers to these reality checks are in accordance to His Divine Path; then, you have nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, if its the other way around, the greatest miracle of all time must inspire you more in introspecting your-self without hesitation because your final curtain call will come like a thief in the night to face the consequences of your actions. Whether it’s good or bad, none of us can really assess. Only Jesus, the Divine Savior can cleanse us through His overflowing Mercy. Therefore, let us come before His Blessed Throne and immerse our-selves into a Fount of Holiness that only He can unselfishly give.

In closing, there is no need for us to witness this so-called greatest miracle. All what we have to do right now, is to seek His Divine Mercy no matter what your beliefs are. God is good and faithful all the time and we must all remember that whatever happens.


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