The psychological make up of a person is getting worse each and everyday. Just recently, this very informative website has reported about the Alabama shooting rampage. Now, here comes another brutal incident that seemed to be unimaginable for a person who has a rational frame of mind. On Thursday, an Oklahoma beheading had shocked the whole world and that incident happened in a food processing plant.

This is the prime suspect in Oklahoma beheading.

This is the prime suspect in Oklahoma beheading.

A 54-year old woman was beheaded without remorse. The helpless victim was Coleen Hufford. Meanwhile, the culprit was the 30-year old Alexander Alton Nolen. He was recently fired from Vaughan Foods in Moore. According to police authorities, which was led by Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, the mysterious suspect struck a vehicle before raising havoc into the establishment. Apart from Coleen, he also mercilessly stabbed a woman in the person Traci Johnson. Lewis said Vaughan who is the Chief Operating Officer had shot Nolen as he was stabbing Johnson without mercy. In effect, Johnson was hospitalized after the incident.

Based on verified reports, Nolen had smashed a person one after the other However, the motive for the Oklahoma beheading was still unclear. Accordingly, FBI officials have confirmed that they are currently investigating the matter alongside with the other concerned authorities. More so,

After conducting interviews with Nolen’s co-workers, information was obtained that he recently started trying to convert several employees to the Muslim religion. Due to the manner of death and the initial statements of co-workers and other initial information, the Moore Police Department requested the assistance of the FBI in conducting a background investigation on Nolan.

Significantly, the main suspect in the Oklahoma beheading was convicted sometime in January 2011 of multiple felony in relation to the drug offenses and some incidences of assault. But he was released from the detention cell in March 2013. Saad Mohammed a spokesman the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City had told a news agency that the leaders of the society are taking the intensive measures to protect their fellow Muslims. The recent Oklahoma beheading has become a vicious cycle because of cultural disparities in nature. In this regard, this will be a serious matter to deal with.

In resolution, there should be a meeting between their respective governments to get the best possible solutions to these hieneous crimes. Above anything else, there should be stern actions that would finally curb these situations for good. Last but not the least, the psychological make up of the person must be subjected to series of psychological tests to better introspect the strengths and weaknesses of a given individual. Truly, this world has changed a lot. Killings are here and there. We no longer the respect lives that were created by God solely because of aggression and all psychological inadequacies that terribly ruin a good soul for life.

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