Sometimes, medical breakthroughs have mysteriously defied the insurmountable scientific realities that a virus can never affect those people who are in the medical field, solely because they are knowledgeable enough in resolving their own medical dilemmas in stride. Recently, a nurse who goes by the name of Nina Pham was inflicted by the dreaded Ebola virus. She is the first woman victim who bitterly failed to escape the nightmares of Ebola when it struck the US territory just like a lurking thief. Primarily, she got infected with the disease through a confidential breach of protocol according to the released reports of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nina Pham is the first ever nurse to be affected by the Ebola virus in the US.

Nina Pham is the first ever nurse to be affected by the Ebola virus in the US.

This was in relation to the treatment which had been administered to Thomas Duncan from Liberia. Duncan was treated in a Dallas hospital. However, he died after a few days when he was allegedly administered with a different kind of a drug aside from the one which had been subjected to research studies and development. Meanwhile, Dr.Tony Friedman of CDC has clarified time and again that there are no grounds that can ever give them justifiable reasons to blame Pham concerning the Ebola virus. Instead, Friedman has lauded this heroic nurse with these inspiring words.

This is a very brave person who put herself at risk to do something good for society, and is now ill.

Based on her impressive academic portfolio, she graduated from the University of Texas Christian University. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing through a four-year program which aims to prepare new nurses to serve as liaisons for doctors, nurses and patients alongside with the other dynamic members the healthcare world. Their official website has significantly revealed that those dreaded kinds of contagious disease are not integral parts of their core curriculum. Going back, Pham was able to pass the Texas Board of Nursing examinations.

But due to inevitable circumstances she was not able to get her Critical Care Nursing certificate last August 1, 2014. It was exactly two months or less prior to the arrival of Duncan in one of the most state-of-the-art hospitals that takes care of those patients who are rumored to have an Ebola infection without their knowledge. In lieu of her other medical-related experiences, there were no other pertinent details which were put on record. Nonetheless, the required certification of critical health care necessitates direct contact with a carrier for a minimum period of 44 weeks. This will also comprise of an approximate 21 weeks of the so-called critical care work, which has to be duly certified by a medical supervisor.

On the lighter side of this story, Nina Pham is described by her friends and family members as a noble person who wants to be remembered as someone who lived for the sake of other people. In the same manner, she is characterized as one person who always sees the brighter things in life with an enormous sense of humor. Currently, she is confined at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

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